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If you’re reading this then you probably have an interest in the New Zealand YouTube community (NZYT), or at least in YouTube. A few years ago there was a blossoming NZYT community, which welcomed in the many new and interesting video makers that signed up to YouTube. But that once thriving and encouraging community seems to have been decimated. A few brave vloggers and video makers still upload their videos and hope to find and audience. Whilst the majority of the mighty partnered channels of NZYT lay barren, not having been touched for months. Those not fortunate enough to have been around during the ‘NZYT heyday’ long for those weekly videos that used to appear from New Zealanders. They long for that sense of belonging and the encouragement that was prevalent in past years. They long for community.

And this is why I have started up this blog. Felix (ImJustFelix) and I (TheRyanLamont) have been discussing the longed for revival of the NZYT community for quite some time now. But after watching a video from Richmond (rrichiee1990) entitled ‘New Zealand YouTube SUCKS’, I felt the need to actually be proactive about this desired change. I have now finished school for 2010, and plan on focusing on YouTube and video making in the long summer holidays. So what better time to create a NZYT blog? The too commonly used ‘I’m too busy’ excuse has been made redundant, so I’ve decided to commit to this cause that has been plaguing my mind for quite a while.

The abysmal attendance numbers for 2010’s ‘NZYT Gathering’ organised by Philip (PhilipNewmanNZ) were further proof of the dramatic decline in active members in the NZYT community. I know of very few NZYT vloggers and video makers that are still actively making videos, and have listed half of the few I know of in this post already. That is quite a change from the huge amount of names I would have been able to list in 2008 or 2009. If you contrast the attendance numbers of the 2008 NZYT gathering to the 2010 NZYT gathering, you can really see how tiny the active part of this community has become. Of course not all active users went to the gathering; I for one didn’t, and did not wish to.

Back in 2008 I was immensely excited as I drove towards Britomart station, as simply couldn’t wait to meet everyone. When I arrived, there were video makers and viewers gathered around the entrance to Britomart, all excitedly conversing. Patrick (Patrickblog) then came and greeted me and introduced me to everyone that was there. It was a truly awesome day. Footage from the 2008 gathering is full of great memories for me and is always fun to re-watch. In the footage from both the 2008 and 2009 gathering (which I couldn’t attend unfortunately) everyone is clearly having a good time and enjoying meeting each other. But in the one video I saw from the 2010 gathering, a few people were scattered in the room, looking at computers, barely communicating. The excitement everyone had at the 2008 and 2009 gatherings clearly was not present at the rather empty 2010 NZYT gathering. So it is quite understandable that many have assumed that the NZYT community is dead. Since it basically is. But not for much longer!

Now that I know there are a number of kiwis out there fighting for this struggling community, I think it is time to launch this blog and really start to make a change. In 2008 and 2009 the NZYT community gathered around a certain gossip blog, which has now been closed. That blog gave NZYT a place to meet up and discuss. Only the popular video makers were ever discussed on that blog though, and the posts slowly became more destructive than beneficial to the community. And as the blog came to an end, so to did the community seemingly. But this is NOT a gossip blog.

This is a productive and positive blog. There will be posts highlighting great videos that have come out of the NZYT community. People who receive partnerships will be congratulated on this success, and will be celebrated by the community. Tips on vlogging and video production will be provided for beginners, and those that wish to improve their skills. Readers will be able to vote for people who they think should be promoted on the site, and will also be able to submit ‘guest blogs’ on NZYT-related subjects. Interviews from successful New Zealand YouTubers will be posted, allowing the community to learn about their favourite video maker’s rise from anonymity to online superstar. Future gathering dates and meet-ups will also be posted on the site, along with tips for those who have not attended a gathering before. There will also be blogs on general YouTube news that affects the community, where I plan on highlighting new features of YouTube that have become available to the community. And of course, throughout this all readers will have a huge say in what goes on with the site. You can email suggestions to me at – or post a comment below.

I hope that you will all support this blog, and encourage other YouTubers to visit the blog and send in their videos, guest blogs and ideas. You don’t have to be in New Zealand to be apart of the NZYT community. All the international viewers of NZ video makers and vloggers are also apart of this tiny community, which I hope will grow in coming months. So leave a comment below with a link to your YouTube channel, so this community can start getting to know each other once again!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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