Money Motivation

I remember a time when vlogs were uploaded weekly, and videos were constantly being produced from a variety of New Zealanders. But now very few kiwis continue to produce the short videos we all enjoy. Instead we see the New Zealand homepage dominated by American and Australian partners. But on 30th September 2010 YouTube announced that it was extending the YouTube partnership program to New Zealand. This great news would surely incite and motivate New Zealanders to put more effort into creating online content for YouTube, since it has been a topic that has drifted around the community for many months. But it seems even the motivation of money hasn’t improved the lacklustre rate of video production of the NZYT community. Maybe this is because my fellow kiwis have not heard the news? Even though Lewis Bostock (LewisBostock) has detailed it on his blog and I and many other users have tweeted about it, it seems that New Zealand video makers still remain unaware of this news, and its many benefits. Perhaps it is a lack of understanding as to what benefits one can gain from being a YouTube partner that has left so many unenthused? This is why I have written this post, to explain to you all the benefits of becoming a partner, and the positive effects it can have on the NZYT community.

Benefits of becoming a YouTube Partner

-You gain money from advertisements placed besides and over the lower third of your videos, which allow you to cover production costs and save up to improve the quality of your videos’ production.

-You receive improved insight analytics, which allow you to create more targeted content that is more relevant to your viewers.

-You can brand your YouTube channel with banners and other such graphics, which can then link to your other various social networking sites.

I find these benefits to be a great incentive to create high quality content for YouTube, since who doesn’t want to be able to make money from doing something they enjoy? But of course there are requirements that one must fulfil before being able to apply for the YouTube Partnership program.

Requirements for becoming a YouTube Partner

-You create original videos suitable for online streaming

-You own, or have permission, to use and profit from all audio and video content uploaded (which means no copyrighted music, unless given permission!)

-You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users

Where people usually fail to meet the requirements is the copyrighted music issue. Simply put, if you hear it on the radio – it can’t go in your YouTube video, since it is very hard to gain permission to use such pieces of music just for a YouTube video. Instead get music from royalty free websites, which allow you to use their music if you credit them – and it’s FREE!

Now it is clear that you can’t just make an account, upload a few videos and apply to be a partner. It takes time to build a loyal audience, and it takes discipline to upload regularly. And it is these things that become beneficial to the community, and content creators. By uploading regularly the community begins to thrive again, with more and more videos being produced a stronger sense of community is built; and soon people will be creating collaboration videos and channels, and giving each other shout outs, and helping each other to build a larger audience. This is what we need to become a strong positive community once again, and it all starts by regularly uploading videos.

So this may come as news to some of you, and if it does, I hope you are excited and motivated to create more videos! And if you have already heard the news and done nothing about it, why not start today? It’s the summer holidays, so you can‘t say that you’re busy with school and such. It’s easy to create a short video and upload it. It is the first vlog that is the hardest, but as soon as you get into a rhythm it becomes very natural and enjoyable. So I hope you all enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing some more videos from NZYT, which if you make please send them to for a chance of being promoted on the site!

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont


3 comments on “Money Motivation

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  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for linking to my blog. I love your initiative and hope that you keep updating this blog.

    And congratulations to ThatEnglishGirl111 for becoming a New Zealand YouTube partner.

    Are you going to apply to become a YouTube partner one day?

    • No problem Lewis! And thanks, I hope I can keep at it too! It’s been really rewarding so far – I’ve already found so many cool NZYT’ers! And I really enjoy writing the posts :)

      Yeah, it’s great Dannie got partnership isn’t it? She certainly deserves it, she has beautifully made videos. Yes, I hope to apply to become a YouTube partner in the future, perhaps once I’ve made a few more videos, and gained a few more subscribers :)

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