NZYT’er of the week! (1)

Hey guys, today’s blog is the first of what I hope will become a popular feature on the NZYT Community blog. Today marks the first ‘NZYT’er of the week’! (For the week of December 6th – December 12th) Now, this segment of the blog will focus on highlighting and promoting people from the community who consistently make great content, with the aim of exposing them the community. I hope that the people promoted in these posts will gain the full support of the NZYT community, and will be encouraged and supported by all.

Now this week’s ‘NZYT’er of the week’ was brought to my attention by Lewis (LewisBostock) who found him on the site, and told me of him on Twitter.  Al from DeletetheDamage, was born in England but is now living in New Zealand, and is taking on the difficult task of vlogging everyday for a year. He has been on YouTube since 2006, but has remained anonymous to his fellow NZYT’ers over the years. He has not attended any of the gatherings over the years, since he was unaware of them, but is very supportive of the NZYT community. In Al’s video, ‘NZ YouTube Community? Where are you!?’ he states how we can grow the NZYT community by “just becoming aware of each other”. Al makes great points about our NZYT community in the video, and gets them across in a very friendly and level-headed way. His vlogs are enjoyable to watch and well edited, with both audio and visual quality at a satisfactory level. He constantly uploads good, entertaining content – which can be seen by just flicking through a few of his 90+ videos – and has the makings of a NZYT partner. All he really needs, and seems to want, is the NZYT community. Hopefully with our help we will be able to boost this great kiwi vlogger up from 226 subscribers and help him gain a larger audience for his vlogs. I’ve embedded a video of Al’s below, and hope you’ll all watch it and go on to subscribe and support Al, effectively growing the NZYT community.

Al states that we can regenerate the NZYT Community by simply “becoming aware of each other” – and I believe this statement is very true. I hope you will join me in seeking out less well known NZYT’ers and if you find any, send a link to me at so that we can all get to know them! Also if you have any videos to submit, ideas to present or guest blogs, feel free to send them to the email stated above.

Thanks for reading guys!

-Ryan Lamont


5 comments on “NZYT’er of the week! (1)

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  3. Hi Ryan,

    Great to see deletethedamage getting featured on this blog. I noticed his video was posted as a video response to rrichiee1990’s rant about the lack of community. *snaps for discovering new talent.

    I believe we’re seeing the beginnings of a New Zealand YouTube revival. Can you feel it?

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