NZYT video of the week (1)

Hey guys! To follow yesterday’s first ‘NZYT’er of the week’ today is the first ‘NZYT video of the week’! (For the week of December 6th – December 12th) This segment of the blog will highlight brilliant videos from the NZYT Community that deserve to be seen by all, no matter how many views they have. This week’s ‘NZYT video of the week’ comes from Dannie (ThatEnglishGirl111) with her video ‘CC//Not In Love’.

This video has already gained 1,519 views after just one day up on the site, and has been rewarded with 149 ‘likes’. The comments rave about how “amazing” and “fantastic” the video is and how they’ve watched the video many times. Dannie beautifully plays with light in this video, using both car headlights and sparklers to great effect. One immediately wonders how she gained such beautiful results, and is instantly lost in the beauty of it all. The use of soft focus in the video also enchants viewers as the electric tunes of Crystal Castles plays in the background.

Dannie is a new YouTube partner, as can be seen by her flashy new banner on her channel. So I hope this means that we’ll get to see more beautiful videos like this, coming from her channel. If you have not subscribed to Dannie be sure to, and check out her other beautifully filmed and edited videos.

If you know of a video that deserves to be ‘NZYT video of the week’ next week, be sure to email me at so that we can all view and adore the great videos that come out of this wee community.

Thanks for reading guys

-Ryan Lamont


9 comments on “NZYT video of the week (1)

  1. Hey Ryan/Felix.
    I think this blog is a great idea! A friend of mine recently got into youtube and he vlogs about current affairs or points of interest under the talkshow name of “The Bedroom”. His username is antron81, and I think he’s doing a decent job of trying to breathe life into the dead community.
    Also, I’ve got plans for next year on the Tubes. Myself and two friends will be starting a collab channel to keep in touch from around the country and basically vlog life at university. I’m really looking forward to it, doing a similar style to a group called SmokeMonster3some or just the traditional fiveawesome channels.

    • Thanks Holly! I visited your friend’s channel and subscribed, he has some really good videos on there! I look forward to seeing your collab channel be created, be sure to keep the NZYT Community blog informed about it. I hope you’ll come visit the blog again (as I post daily) and thanks for reading/commenting :)

  2. Hey there Ryan,

    I’m Anthony (The Bedroom). Really interesting stuff you have on here. I’m very keen to kick the NZYT community into gear. I think we need a way to promote ourselves a bit more though. A forum/website perhaps? It would be awesome.

    Well a new video is hot off the encoder, so I best tend to it. All the best, see you on the tube.

    Wear Protection.

    • We had a forum once, but it wasn’t very successful. But a lot of NZYT’ers gathered around an old blog, which brought the community together, but was ended a while ago. I think the combined use of this blog, youtube, twitter and skype can really bring the community together.

  3. Well done on the blog. You guys are doing a great job at bringing people together. I didn’t think my random video would spark this much action but this is great =D

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Richmond :)
      I’m glad your enjoying the blog, and appreciate my efforts to try and kick-start the NZYT community.
      Through this blog I’ve already found a bunch of new NZYT’ers, which is awesome! :)

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