Win $15,000 for making a video?!

Hey guys! Today I have some news of a great kiwi project that might motivate you to make a video or two, and may make you some cash too! I heard about the Looksy project many months ago form Lewis (LewisBostock) but was too lazy to participate in it. A few videos were sent in, but not much else was heard about the project for a while. But now the project is back with a Twitter and Facebook page and a $15,000 cash prize!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “How do I win this money?” – Well it’s simple. All you must do is make a 3-4 minute video in which you answer ‘What does your digital world look like?’ Now this open-ended question can inspire many different and interesting videos. All of the videos on the channel so far have been vastly different (I’ve embedded a view of my favourites) and just show how differently we all think about this simple question. The aim of the Looksy project is to make ‘the largest collaborative film ever made’. This involves getting 100 Looksy videos to combine into one film, with one being chosen by a panel of judges to get the $15,000 cash prize! Now do not fret if you don’t win, there are said to be “paid opportunities for making 3 minute films on a varied range of subjects” for some participants, which is very exciting!

Now for the $15,000 cash prize to be available there must be 100 videos in by 30th June 2011, if there are not, then the cash prize will drop to $1,200 (which is still a nice reward for a wee video!) But I’m sure we’d all like to be in to win the $15,000 cash prize! So make a looksy video today! Encourage your friends to make a video too! Spread the word!

If you have any questions on the project feel free to contact the Looksy team on their Twitter, Facebook or website. I hope you will all be inspired and motivated to make a wee video and god luck to everyone who participates!

Thanks for reading guys

-Ryan Lamont


4 comments on “Win $15,000 for making a video?!

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  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for giving the Looksy project a bump. I have stepped down as Competition Manager to let somebody else breathe new life into the project. However, I still wholeheartedly support Looksy and think its a great opportunity for budding videographers.

    If you or anyone else would like to submit a video, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help. You can contact me on Twitter. My username is @LewisBostock.

    Thanks again.

    • Oh really? Well I’m glad you’re still greatly supportive of the project. It really does seem to be a great opportunity for videographers. I do plan on submitting a video, but need to do a bit of planning before I start filming it. I’ll be sure to let you know when my video comes closer to completion :)

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