NZYT Revival and inspirational kiwis!

Hey guys, Ryan Lamont (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee post on the NZYT Community! Now it’s been a week since I launched the site, and already I’ve gained so much from it, and I hope you guys have too! I’ve been able to find so many new and interesting NZYT’ers and have discovered some really brilliant videos! I made a wee video today about the NZYT community and this blog; stating my goals and aims for it. I’ve embedded the video below and hope you’ll take the time to watch it.

I think the blog has been going really well in its first week. The views are constantly going up, people are regularly reading the blog, and many people are now commenting on the posts and sharing their ideas. Exciting stuff! As Lewis (LewisBostock) commented on a previous post: “I believe we’re seeing the beginnings of a New Zealand YouTube revival. Can you feel it?”

And yes, I can indeed feel the start of a revival! I have many exciting things planned for this blog, such as interviews with successful NZYT’ers, more features on awesome projects concerning the New Zealand, and worldwide, YouTube Community and much more! In fact, from making that simple video embedded above I have been informed of Andrew’s (Strugsnotdrugs) amazing new project where he will travel around the world working with the TEAR fund in various countries for 3 months, whilst documenting the entire experience on his YouTube channel! I hope to work with him in the future on an article about this amazing adventure, so stay tuned to the blog. Andrew produces really beautifully crafted videos and has a great presence on camera. His videos make you smile so much, and I’ve embedded a personal favourite below, which details the shear amount of effort he has put into winning the competition that has allowed him to go on this amazing adventure around the world! I hope that you’ll all go and visit and subscribe to this amazing NZYT’ers channel!

Posting daily about a community that is still in the early stages of revival mode can be difficult sometimes, due to the lack of new information and videos to do with the community. So if you know of any great projects such as the Looksy project, or the project Andrew is taking on, be sure to email me so I can share it with the rest of the NZYT community! It’s great to see that the NZYT community is starting to reconnect and become more supportive of each other. I hope this revival will continue and gain more support soon!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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