Video prompts!

Hey guys, Ryan Lamont (TheRyanLamont) here with another blog post.

There’s a segment I would like to add to the blog, but it depends on whether anyone takes to it… I’d like to have a few ‘video prompt’ blogs, in which I give you all some ideas on what to make a video or vlog on. I’m hoping this will stimulate some videos out of the community, and that it will give vloggers without any ideas something to talk about. So this week’s video prompt is: “Talk about your experiences with the NZYT Community, and what you would like to see change”

Now this is a pretty open-ended prompt. You could discuss your favourite memory to do with NZYT, or talk about the lack of community you’ve experienced, and more! Also, be sure to say what you would like to see from the community in the future, be it more communicating, more support, more skype calls, more gatherings or just more videos! I hope you will see the challenge and take it on eagerly, it’d be really awesome to see some more videos from the community and to hear people’s opinions on the community’s present state.

As an added incentive I will feature some of the best videos about NZYT (be sure to send me a link to your video so I don’t miss it!) and will put up a poll, in which the NZYT community will vote one of the videos as ‘NZYT video of the week’ – Meaning you will have an entire blog post dedicated to you, and your channel! It’d be great to see some less well-known NZYT’ers creating videos to be in to win this ‘prize’, since it would help in the continued growth of the NZYT community. So be sure to pull out your cameras and make a video! It doesn’t have to be long, or the best quality – it just has to be up on YouTube!

I will set the poll up on the 15th of December, so you have 3 days to make a wee video! I hope you take on the challenge and enjoy it!

Ryan Lamont

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4 comments on “Video prompts!

  1. Have you seen how some Comedy channels have a thing called ‘Comedy Thunder’ where they all make skits on a certain topic each week
    You could attempt that with the New Zealand community, but not limit it too certain genres, and have it open for everyone to join in =)

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