The first VOTE!

Hey guys! Today is the first day that we as a community shall vote for ‘NZYT’er of the week’. Now I’ve chosen people I think are worthy of the title to put in, since no one has yet submitted any people to become ‘NZYT’er of the week’. (You can do so in the future by emailing me at Now, since this will be a democratic vote, chosen by the entire NZYT community I put myself (TheRyanLamont) in the running for ‘NZYT’er of the week’ – I think that’s fair. So the other nominees include Dannie (ThatEnglishGirl111), Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) and Richmond (rrichiee1990)! So visit the channels and then cast your vote below! Now you only have one vote, so use it well!



2 comments on “The first VOTE!

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