NZYT video of the week (2)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with the second ‘NZYT video of the week’! Now the pickings were slim this week, I hope to be able to pick from a wider variety of videos in coming weeks! But I was able to choose a worthy vlog by Zoe (Zaniezozo) for this week’s NZYT video of the week! (For the week of December 13th-December 19th) It’s a wee vlog, full of humour and snazzy editing! I hope you’ll all watch the video (embedded below) and go over to Zoe’s channel and subscribe and comment :D

Zoe has 228 subscribers (and deserves many more!) and has been vlogging since June 6 2010! This recent addition to the NZYT community is sure to make a splash with her regular and entertaining videos, and humourous vlogging style. And as Zoe states in the video, it’s the summer so we can expect more videos from her soon! So stay tuned guys!

The plan for next week is that I’ll pick four videos from the NZYT community, and you guys will have one day to vote for which video should be crowned as NZYT video of the week! (So I’ll be sure to post the blog post early) So make a video and upload it soon, so I have more awesome videos to choose from for next week!

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont


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