Twitter and Skype: tools for reconnecting NZYT

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee post. This time it’s about how we as a community can reconnect and communicate once again!

Now a few people have suggested that a blog isn’t enough, that we should instead have a forum. My first thought it, yes, that sounds like a cool idea. But I don’t think it would be very successful. First of all, this blog gets 50+ views a day, and wordpress does not count my visits, so it’s all you NZYT’ers coming. But look at the comments, there’s always very few. Imagine a forum with this tiny community, very few would post and even fewer would reply. So I think a blog best suits this community. Blogs allow me to easily write posts and include links and embed videos and polls, which the community can then read, watch and vote on. For people whom just want to read and gain information on the community, the blog works very well. The categories are all at the bottom, and so are the mentioned YouTubers, so the site is very easy to navigate. Also, we had a forum once back in the day, but it didn’t really take-off – probably because of the reasons I’ve stated above.

Then some others have asked, well how can we all communicate together? How can we stay in touch? And the answer to that is simple. A combination of Twitter and skype easily allows us to keep in contact and have private and group discussions. I’ve used both Twitter and skype for years now and they have been the backbone of the NZYT community in the past. You can follow other NZYT’ers on Twitter and see their regular tweets and receive links to their videos and gain an insight into their personality. Whilst skype allows you to have private conversations with other YouTubers, and also allows for huge group conversations to be had! Whether it is just text chat, or voice calls, this is a great way of reconnecting and keeping in touch with YouTubers. Skype was immensely popular and helpful back in NZYT’s heyday, and allowed for our small community to grow and build a strong bond. So I hope it will have the same affect on today’s community.

I have very few active NZYT’ers on my skype list these days. Now this is either because a lot of NZYT’ers don’t have skype, or because they don’t know that skype is a great way for us all to communicate. So, if you don’t have skype, download it for free HERE! It’s awesome! And when you do have skype, start asking for people’s skypes and start chatting with them and getting involved in group calls and chats.  Now if you don’t want to add someone for a particular reason, then that is fine, you don’t have to – But don’t be rude about it please! And if you find that you simply do not like a person, or are harassed by someone you can easily block or ignore them. So don’t feel that once you’ve added someone that they’ll always be there, you do have the ability to block people if you are bullied by them, or do not like them. But I’d hope that are small community would all be nice and supporting of each other.

So now that you all know of the benefits of Twitter and skype I hope to see more NZYT’ers following me, and joining Twitter – and also hope to see some more NZYT’ers adding me on skype (My skype is TheNewZealandishBrit btw) So go on guys! Start communicating with each other again.

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont


10 comments on “Twitter and Skype: tools for reconnecting NZYT

    • Well like I just stated above, it would most likely fail due to lack of use. And we have had a blog before – and it failed. I think this blog in combination with Twitter and Skype is the best idea. It’s worked well before and still does. I don’t see why people want a forum.

  1. This is a great idea Ryan. This blog is a fantastic start to the redevelopment of the online community.

    Looking ahead into the future though, I do still see the opportunity of a NZYT blog to be very good at keeping us in contact with each other – but only when our numbers are greater, and our posts are more frequented.
    Skype = YES. Twitter = YES. Great ideas, and I’d be keen to have Skype meet-ups from time to time. Perhaps you’d like to make a date, and the current NZYT Community followers could make that time on Skype? A ten-way Skype conference? Let’s do it. :) iChat meet-ups could be another option depending on users.

    Keep up the great work Ryan – I salute you for the hard work you’re putting into this project. I know you’ll look back feeling glad you were so influential in this community’s building. Thanks heaps also for the support so far.


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