NZYT’S Project 4 Awesome videos!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee post. Today we shall be looking at the videos the NZYT Community produced for Project 4 Awesome!

So the first Project 4 Awesome video I found was Anthony’s (antron81) which was on the Michael J Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research. This is a great cause which Anthony is clearly passionate about, as he states “Michael J Fox is absolutely my idol” and then goes on to say how he was “amazed by the way he was able to act through his disease, and even though he was heavily medicated, still put on a good performance.” This is a really great cause that can do a lot of good in the world, so I hope you’ll all support it. Anthony has been making videos on the site for a while now, in a style reminiscent of the American YouTuber Philip Defranco, and is a very entertaining vlogger with his show ‘The bedroom’. He is sure to be very successful in 2011!

The second Project 4 Awesome video I found was from Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou) and she did her video on ‘Star Jam’ a great little charity that provides music workshops, dance workshops and performance opportunities for young people with disabilities. Deborah raised $163.80 earlier in the year for the charity, by busking on the street with a friend. Deborah is clearly passionate about the cause as she states “I think the main reason for my support for Star Jam is because I’m a firm believer in being able to express oneself, whether that be through music or dance or art or just plain talking.” Deborah has already helped the charity a great deal and I hope she will inspire fellow New Zealanders to do so too. Deborah has also been a member of the NZYT Community for over a year now, and is sure to gain a great many views and subscribers in 2011 with her interesting vlogs.

*EDIT* I then found Al’s (DeleteTheDamage) video after this post was published, so I’m adding it now. Al’s Project 4 Awesome video is on the RNZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This is a great orginisation that is in great need of our help since it is only 2% funded by the government, so be be sure to donate however much you can! As Al says “There’s about 5 million people in New Zealand, if each one of us donated $10 to the SPCA that would be 50 million dollars, even if half of us donated that’d be 25 million dollars. $10 really isn’t that much.” Al also lists the SPCA’s 10 steps of the ‘saving lives’ program, which illustrate to us how much work and effort the SPCA puts into caring for the animals of New Zealand, and how we too can help. Al is a great vlogger who was also the first ‘NZYT’er of the week’, and is sure to gain a really awesome following in 2011! I hope you’ll all go subscribe to him and support his Project 4 Awesome video!

I hope that all of you will go and support these great NZYT’ers, by commenting on these Project 4 Awesome videos(since every comment means a cent for charity), and by subscribing to their awesome channels! If you know of any other Project 4 Awesome videos that came from the NZYT Community be sure to send them to me so I can add them to this wee post! So great work Anthony, Deborah and Al! You’ve made some really awesome videos, and hopefully inspired others to take part next year and to support those charities.

In other news, tomorrow we shall have our first ‘guest blog’ written by Felix (ImJustFelix) in which he’ll write about his thoughts on the future of NZYT, and highlight some NZYT’ers that he thinks are going to become greatly successful in 2011! It’s great to see the NZYT community starting to submit guest blogs and such – and I hope this motivates some of you guys to submit a blog!

I hope you guys all supported the Project 4 Awesome videos over the past two days, I know I did! There were some really awesome videos! You should go check ’em out now, even though Project 4 Awesome is over in New Zealand, it’s still going on in other countries around the world!

Thanks for reading guys! and DFTBA!

Ryan Lamont


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    • yeah it’s so great to see NZYT’ers being awesome! :D
      And sorry about your other comments, they got caught in the spam folder for some reason? But I’ve taken ’em out of there now =]

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