Guest blog: ImJustFelix, thoughts on NZYT

Hey, it’s Felix (ImJustFelix) and I’ve decided to write a guest blog here.
The year is close to finishing so I’d like to share some thoughts
about NZYT and how it’s revival will begin to emerge in 2011.

Around this time of year many new Kiwis begin to be making videos so
I’d like to share a few of the ones I personally feel their channels
will really grow within 2011.


Marc has been making videos for 2 years now and has not really
interacted with NZYT probably because he didn’t know it existed just
like many of the Kiwis out there. His videos have really improved over
time and now he has very-professional Vlogs. I was really impressed
when I first saw a video of his. We don’t have many Kiwi’s with such
talent and he has a great sense of humour.


ZanieZozo has nice editing and makes funny skits in a Shane Dawson
esque. She’s only been on YouTube since July 2010 and has already
achieved 16,000 overall upload views and 235 subscribers.


Liam posted a few Vlogs and left but me and my idol, Kiwidweller1 feel
he could start filming Vlogs again and become a really big YouTuber.
Many of his subscribers began showing as he reflected his humorous
personality in my video, *Interview With Liam The Emo. He can become
famous on YouTube, he just needs to get  that enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading



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