NZYT tag and Christmas videos!

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee blog post. I hope you all enjoyed Felix’s (ImJustFelix) blog post yesterday, highlighting a great bunch of NZYT’ers! I look forward to more guest blogs being submitted, since it adds a nice bit of variation to the blog. So today I wanted to mention a few things that I think the NZYT Community should get into the habit of doing, and also I have another wee video prompt for you all.

First of all, everyday I search ‘NZYT’ in the youtube search bar in an attempt to find new and interesting kiwi content, since I constantly worry that I’m not subscribed to all you awesome NZYT’ers! I click the ‘search options’ tab and then sort by ‘upload date’ so all the most recent videos are at the top, yet there is about 1 new video every week. Now I’m subscribed to a few active NZYT’ers and I know they upload more frequently than that, so I’d like to propose the use of the NZYT tag. Putting the NZYT tag on your video means it’ll come up when I search NZYT, and also means the ‘related videos’ will be from the NZYT community (or at least some of them will) which means we can constantly discover new NZYT’ers! So please start putting ‘NZYT’ in the tags when you upload a video, so I can find more awesome kiwi content!

Also! I’d like to propose the idea of using the NZYT hastag (#NZYT) on twitter for anything NZYT related. (Be sure to follow @NZYTcommunity on twitter!) Whether it be you tweeting about a video idea, uploading a video, a new video, a blog post, or a shout-out to a fellow NZYT’er – these would all be great tweets to tag with the NZYT hashtag. I have ‘#NZYT’ saved in my ‘searches’ tab on Twitter and check it regularly, to find only my tweets present. So please start using the #NZYT tag, then we can all find each other and connect easier on Twitter! So hopefully you’ll all start to tag your tweets and videos with NZYT, so we can all start reconnecting and finding each other easier!

Also, I’m planning a wee Christmas blog on Christmas day that’ll showcase all the lovely Christmas-themed videos from the NZYT community. So be sure to upload a Christmas-themed video this week for it to be featured on the post (which will go live at 11AM Christmas day)

Also! I will be posting the polls for ‘NZYT video of the week’ and ‘NZYT’er of the week’ tomorrow. I shall post at 12:01AM so you have the entire day to vote, then I’ll write a blog about the winners the following days! So be sure to get your votes in tomorrow!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


9 comments on “NZYT tag and Christmas videos!

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      • hmmm….
        how about the reason that the NZYT is so bad? is it because of lack of active youtube users or perhaps the way the website is created. I find it pretty hard myself to find active youtubers in my Niche from NZ with around the same amount of subscribers…
        theres just one suggestion!

  2. Sounds good Tofu, although we kind of know why it’s bad. It’s because there aren’t enough active users, and those that are active can’t find each other to connect and form a community. Thus this blog was made and it’s helping connect kiwi youtubers =]

    But I’m liking the idea of twitter discussions still, we shall have to implement them in the future! :)

  3. I wish i had something great and wonderful to say but i don’t really, but by the time i finish this comment, this blog site will have reached 1000 views which is really pretty remarkable. Its simply amazing and has a great deal to do with all the hard work Ryan Lamont has put in to this site. I could only guess at the countless hours he has spent so far but it would be pretty mind blowing. So I think we should all be indebted to the fine job Ryan has done with this site and all nzyters should get behind him and make this site even better than it already is

  4. I’m keen on helping orchestrate our first collaboration video shindig. Any other ideas you have Ryan? Shall we all sing a Christmas carol verse that’s spliced together collaboratively? The time between now and Christmas is super-short though (Thursday and Friday for you to retrieve and edit). Let’s otherwise ‘plan’ a proper collab video to launch the community into 2011 after New Years. Just a suggestion. I’m sure that’ll give a very ‘real’ element to what we’re all doing here on NZYT to develop this community.

    I’ve been thinking that well-known YouTubers should get onboard the promotion of NZYT too. CorporalCadet is a prime example.

    Shout if you need help. :)

    • Yeah I agree that Christmas is a bit too soon, although a collab video for the beginning of 2011 would be awesome, and really show the revival of NZYT! I’ll have to write a blog about it after christmas in which we can discuss ideas – maybe for our first skype/twitter conference?

      And I agree with the ‘well known’ NZYT’ers thing – But many have left or aren’t active now, Levi is barely active having a job and all now – But it would be cool to get him back into NZYT :) Great ideas as always Andrew!

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