Voting session!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a wee blog full of polls today! Today you guys can vote for ‘NZYT’er of the week’ and ‘NZYT video of the week’.


‘NZYT’er of the week’

This week it is between Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou) , Anthony (Antron81) , Zoe (ZanieZoZo) and Felix (ImJustFelix). Now I’ve picked Deborah and Anthony since they were awesome enough to make Project4Awesome videos (I didn’t put Al (DeleteTheDamage) in, since he has already won NZYT’er of the week). I chose Zoe since she is a great vlogger and has really entertaining videos (Have you seen her ‘how to annoy cats’ video? It’s so cute!)  and I chose Felix since he was kind enough to contribute a guest blog. So I hope you guys are happy with my choices! Be sure to check out each person’s channel before you vote!

‘NZYT video of the week’

I feel as if it may defeat the purpose to have the videos up to vote for, and then to focus on one – since the best bit about being ‘NZYT video of the week’ is being chosen to be promoted on the blog. But alas, I want to give you guys the chance to vote. Comment below on if you think I should choose ‘NZYT video of the week’ in the future, or if you guys should vote on it. I  want to involve the community more, so what would be ideal is if you guys sent me videos you thought should be ‘NZYT video of the week’ and then I choose one. It’d be a nice in-between I think. But yes, comment your thoughts below! So here are the videos that are in the draw to be ‘NZYT video of the week’ this week!


I chose Al’s video since he is promoting a really great cause for his Project4Awesome video, and I really enjoy his vlogging style. This great kiwi vlogger has already gained ‘NZYT’er of the week’, will he gain a ‘NZYT video of the week’ too? You decide!


A friend of mine showed me this video and we both thought it was hilarious! Marc makes awesomely funny videos, that are sure to entertain everyone. He was featured in Felix’s guest blog yesterday, and I completely agree with Felix that Marc will become very popular in 2011!


I chose this video since it’s from a new YouTuber named Tofu. He’s started doing weekly vlogs and has set his sights on becoming a great NZYT’er. I hope you’ll all support him on his way by subscribing to him, and if you think this video is worthy of NZYT video of the week, then feel free to vote for him too!


I chose this video (yes it’s my own) since it’s about my production, and it’s something I really enjoyed with a bunch of awesome people. I’ve edited a condensed version of the play into the video (about 20 minutes down to 7 minutes) so I hope you’ll all watch and enjoy it. The people in my drama group are really awesome, and the show was a blast! So feel free to vote for this video if you enjoyed the show!

So that’s all for this post! Be sure to vote and we’ll be seeing the results tomorrow and the day after, and then it’s Christmas! Woo!

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Lamont


5 comments on “Voting session!

  1. I have a collaboration video idea, but perhaps not the first collab video in the new year.

    What if each YouTuber watched this video:

    And then chose any annoying advert out there, made a parody/satire, and posted their video online. 10-14 seconds of each video is then used as part of the collab video.

    I feel adverts are really starting to become stupid – and especially loud. Let’s make some fun, and get passionate about something I’m sure all of us are annoyed by.

    • Haha xD Loved Zoe’s video! Yeah, that sounds like a fun idea =] We should discuss and plan in it in an upcoming skype conference (I’m writing a blog about a date for one soon)

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