Skype Conference

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee post. I hope you’ve all checked out the new pages at the top of the page. I find my favourite to be the ‘Gatherings info’ page since it houses a NZYT Gatherings archive, which I find really interesting. It has the date, location, organiser and videos from the various gatherings over the years. It also has the beginnings of information on the 2011 gathering! Exciting and interesting stuff!

But what I wanted to talk about today is something equally as exciting. The first NZYT collaboration video for over a year (I think)! It will be uploaded during the first week of the New Year I believe and will be orchestrated by Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs). I’ve spoken to Andrew about the collaboration, and there are still quite a lot of details to be figured out yet, so we shall have a conference!

A Skype conference in which we will all discuss our ideas on this collaboration. The skype conference will be held at 7pm onwards today. I will create a giant group chat of all the NZYT’ers I have on skype and the conversation topic will be the collab video and its content, along with when it will be uploaded and deadlines to get videos in. If you want to be in the skype chat then simply have someone who is in the chat to add you, or add me on skype (username = thenewzealandishbrit) and I will add you. This chat will be open to all NZYT’ers.

Once the details have been planned out I will write a post up with everything you need to know about the collab video. So even if you do not attend the skype conference you will still be able to find out all the necessary information so you can take part!

This is very exciting stuff, planning NZYT’s first collab of the New Year, so I hope all of you that can attend will do so. This could be the start of a future of skype conferences to organise and plan various things in the NZYT Community, such as gatherings, future collab videos and other such community-related projects. I know Andrew has another collab video idea already in the works, so this is exciting stuff! Let’s bring the community together again and colloborate on a series of awesome videos in the future!

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont


4 comments on “Skype Conference

  1. I was conked out for most of the day yesterday with some sort of stomach bug…will there be another Skype con soon?

    • Aw that’s unfortunate, I hope you’re okay now? And yes, there will be plenty of skype cons in the future to discuss various community projects :) Stay tuned to the blog for more info in the future =]

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