Skype conference recap

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here, and I just wanted to discuss about the wee skype conference that occurred yesterday. Thanks to all of you that turned up! It was a really great call and was nice to start communicating and deciding things as a community. As all of you that were in the call/chat yesterday know that Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) will be orchestrating this collaboration video and is currently working on the storyline of the video. Andrew will spend the next few days writing a script up, which he will then email to me for me to post on the blog.

At the moment we’ve heard that a portable camera may be needed, since Andrew may do something with blank walls during the video; and that the video will be shot in widescreen with each NZYT’er shooting in the highest possible quality they can. Once each participant has filmed their video it will be edited and uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video – with the link then being sent to Andrew, who will then get all the videos off of the site and edit the video together. The video will then be posted to his YouTube channel.

At this stage various things may change as the script is still in the works, but that is what we learnt in the skype call/chat yesterday. There’s also a second collab video in the works, with the topic being the advert NZYT hates. That’ll also be orchestrated by ANdrew at some point in the future. So stay tuned to the blog for we shall be hearing more of this first collaboration in the following days.

On skype now we now have ‘The Big NZYT Chat’ – which NZYT’ers are constantly being added to and dropping out of and such. It’s the giant convo in which any NZYT’er can be added to discuss a variety of things. I hope you’ll all enjoy using it. It should be a good way to reconnect the NZYT community.

So that’s all for this post! Be sure to check back soon for more info on the collaboration video, and other NZYT projects.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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