NZYT Video of the week (4)

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with this week’s ‘NZYT’er of the week’ (for the week of 27th Dec – 2nd Jan) This is the fourth week of this segment, and this week I decided to choose the video – since I thought putting all the videos up and then voting for one defeated the purpose. I am very excited about this week’s ‘NZYT video of the week’ since I have long awaited the next video from this excellent video maker.

This week’s winner is Levi (CorporalCadet) with his video ‘Daphne Trouble – Life.” This cute wee video is of Levi’s Grandmother, who gives us some life advice. Daphne Trouble has appeared in a few of Levi’s video before and always entertains. I have been looking forward to Levi’s next video, since it has been a while since we saw one uploaded.

Levi is an excellent kiwi video maker, being the third most subscribed New Zealander with his 36,062 subscribers and 4,274,419 upload views. He creates masterfully edited videos, entertaining vlogs and wee character sketches too – along with music videos, short films and interviews. He inspired me to start on YouTube, and has inspired many others with his fantastically creative work. I hope to see more regular uploads from Levi in 2011 and hope to see a vlog or two, since we have not been gifted one of those in a while. It’d also be great to get Levi involved in the NZYT revival, being a core part of the community.

I hope you’ll all watch this comical video and take some of Daphne’s advice. Also, if you’re not subscribed to Levi (how could you not be?) then please do subscribe and support this awesome kiwi video maker. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of Levi in 2011!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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