Happy New Years + NZYT goals!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here! This post is scheduled to be posted at 12:00AM exactly – so HAPPY NEW YEARS! If you’re reading this on New Years I hope you’re having fun! In this post I just want to wish you all an awesome New Year – I hope you can accomplish your goals for the year, and I hope the year treats you well. I’d also like to share with you some of my goals for 2011 to do with the NZYT Community.

The relatively short time this blog has been around has already showed us that NZYT certainly isn’t dead! In fact, it’s blossoming and growing, just many are yet to find those fresh kiwi vloggers and connect with them. This is a goal of mine for NZYT. I hope to connect more awesome NZYT’ers through this blog. Throughout December I strived to promote a series of fresh faces every week. Of course the odd name or two will pop up on the blog frequently, but I do really try to feature as many new kiwi vloggers as possible. I enjoy sharing these great vloggers and video-makers with you, so that you can in turn go and support them and connect with them, thus building and expanding the NZYT Community. Continuing the growth of the NZYT Community by discovering new and unknown kiwi vloggers is the main NZYT-related goal for me in 2011.

Another goal of mine is to keep up the daily posting! I’m finding it hard enough now in December/January to post (due to lack of NZYT-related things to write about) – so I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when I’m back at school and have my short film to make, homework to complete, art work to do, etc. So we’ll see how I go – But guest blogs really do act as a nice relief for me – giving me a wee break for one day. So please do send them in if you appreciate the work I do. I write a bunch of blog posts every single day – it’s not too hard for you to write just one.

Also, I’d really love to host a successful gathering in 2011! Some of the NZYT gatherings haven’t been so wildly attended or successful, but I think that in 2011 the community will rebuild to a point where an awesome gathering can be had. As many of you know (Those that have checked the ‘gatherings info’ tab) myself and Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) are intending to organise one during the latter part of 2011 – But we’ll see how that goes.

So those are my NZYT-related goals for 2011! Hopefully I can accomplish them all, but it’ll be a tad difficult (the second goal especially) so we’ll have to see what happens during the year! Also, I’ll be blogging everyday of January on my personal blog – blogs about art, films, short stories, reviews, books, goals, thoughts, videos and other snazzy things. So if you enjoy my posts then please do go check it out, thanks! If you feel like sharing a thought on today’s post why don’t you stick some of your resolutions, goals or ambitions for 2011 in the comments below?

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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