Growing NZYT in 2011

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a wee blog post with some ideas on how to grow our small community during 2011. Now this blog has brought our spread out kiwi YouTubers together into a supportive and connected community during December, with new people joining constantly. So how can we continue to grow this supportive and much needed community? Well, something that I do to try and build the community is to simply tell people of it!

Every time I go to thank my subscribers and find one from New Zealand, I am sure to mention the NZYT Community blog and tell them that there is a link in my channel’s description. This then directs them to the blog so that they can then find and connect with loads of other awesome New Zealand YouTubers. Then these freshly introduced vloggers can join in with the community, thus growing our wee community. So why don’t you put a link to the blog in your channel’s description and be sure to direct any kiwis you find here to this blog!

Another way of spreading the word of the blog is by making a video about it! We’re all keen video makers here, so why not mention this ol’ blog in your next vlog? I’m sure we all have quite a few kiwi subscribers who would love to know of this blog, but are yet to find out about it. So a wee mention and a link in your video description would do wonders for the NZYT Community I think.

Another way in which we can build and strengthen the NZYT community is via Skype. As you should all know we have ‘The Big NZYT Chat’ on Skype which all the NZYT’ers I know of on Skype are added to. I the chat we discus a variety of things and get to know each other, and it is also where I introduce new NZYT’ers to the community. Then we have Skype conferences (with more planned for 2011) in which NZYT’ers decide on various things such as collab videos and gatherings.  So be sure to add me on skype (skype = TheNewZealandishBrit) and I’ll put you in these chats so you can meet the rest of the growing NZYT Community!

So that’s all for this post! I hope you’ll all be inspired to make videos, spread the word and get to know each other on Skype! I think 2011 shall be a good year for our wee community.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

PS. The poll to vote for ‘NZYT’er of the week’ shall be posted at 12:01AM tomorrow, and you will have ONE DAY to vote!

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