I’m off on holiday!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with today’s post. Now as some of you may know, today I am heading off to Auckland for a wee trip and shan’t be back in ol’ Hamilton till January 16th, and shall have no access to the internet during those days (except Twitter, thanks to my phone). ‘But that means you can’t post any blogs’ I hear you say, but do not fear! I have written a week’s worth of posts for this wee blog here (and my own personal blog – so fourteen in total!) and have scheduled them all, so that you’ll still get all that NZYT goodness daily!

So during the next week there shall be a few changes due to my absence. Since I am not here to wait for the poll’s results for ‘NZYT’er of the week’ I have simply chosen this week’s winner, who I hope you will like. Also, sometimes people’s comments end up in the spam folder (I don’t know what criteria WordPress uses to place them there, but it happens) So if you post a comment and find it does not appear on the site, do not fear! I’m sure it’ll just be caught in the comment prison – and I’ll free all the wee comments from the spam folder as soon as I get back. Also, I will not be able to promote the posts and such – so please do send a link or two to some fellow NZYT’ers to remind them that the blog is still here.

So, that’s all for that wee trip update, hopefully everything will go smoothly with the blog whilst I’m gone. I have been scheduling posts ahead of time now for a few weeks, and it’s been working great – so we shouldn’t have any troubles. So I’ll leave this post at that. I hope you all enjoy the posts whilst I’m gone!

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Lamont

P.S. The script for the first NZYT collab video of the year shall be posted on the 11th – so stay tuned!


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