Video of the week (6)

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here, with this week’s ‘NZYT video of the week’. Now we’re all slowly building up the amount of videos on our channels and getting into the regular schedules, so some weeks there are more videos ot choose form than others. But this week I chose someone who has already won before, but with a video of such high quality it’s really hard not to make him the winner. Yes, this week’s winner is Mr, Levi Beamish (CorporalCadet) with his video ‘rewind’.

This beautifully edited video is from footage that Levi has collected over the last 3 years, and is wonderfully put together to act as a sort of trailer or memory montage for him. One of the commenters puts it rather beautifully:

“That was ridiculously beautiful to watch. I couldn’t help but feel like it was building up to something else, like a trailer. But considering this is the past, its a build up to the present, or the future. Which is just pretty fantastic.” – NamelessNymphadora

As you read through the hundreds of comments on Levi’s video you can see how his talent manages to inspire and wow hundreds of people all over the world. It is because of this ability to inspire so many others from such a simply beautiful video that I have chosen this video as ‘NZYT video of the week’ for the week of 10th-16th

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont


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