NZYT’er of the week (7)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with the winner of this week’s ‘NZYT’er of the week’! Thanks to everyone who voted the other day, it’s great to see NZYT’ers voicing their opinions via the poll. So this week’s winner is Britt (britZILLAH), a newcomer to the NZYT community!

Britt is a 18-year-old uni student currently residing in beautiful Otago, who has already uploaded a variety of content to her channel. From vlogs about ‘Things Parents Should Not Tell Their Children’, to musical covers and pop music commentary, Britt has a real variety of content on her channel, with that variety sure to grow in the future. Britt has had her account since April 23rd 2009, but only became active in the NZYT community two weeks ago when she uploaded her first vlog, which is embedded above. Since then Britt has been welcomed straight into the NZYT community, often frequenting ‘The big NZYT Chat’ on Skype, and watching various videos form the community.

Britt has gained 21 subscribers in her first two weeks of actively making videos, and has also racked up a total of 323 upload views. Britt has a great presence on camera and consistently chooses interesting topics for her vlogs, so I feel that Britt will do very well in 2011, as long as she continues to upload regularly during the year. This is a difficult feat for many NZYT’ers who are in their last year of high school, or are at university. But I hope our awesome NZYT’ers will be able to battle the work load and continue to produce great videos.

This segment has been going strong for seven weeks now, and each week I am able to add a bunch of new NZYT’ers to the poll as our wee community slowly grows. I hope this segment will continue to be of interest to you all in the future, and look forward to the many other NZYT’ers that are yet to be nominated for this title. So I hope you all will support Britt by subscribing to her channel, and watching the videos embedded above. She is a great vlogger with real potential to become even better and the potential to gain a much larger audience. Britt also has a Twitter that you can follow her on for updates on her and her videos.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!
Ryan Lamont


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