Collab Video Update

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a wee post on the NZYT collaboration video! Now from what I’ve heard from NZYT’ers on Twitter and Skype, it seems that nearly everyone has submitted their video URL to Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs), ready to be edited. The only people I’m unsure of are Richmond (rrichiee1990) and Al (DeleteTheDamage) – everyone else has uploaded and forwarded their link. I am planning to film my part today. It’s late I know, I’m sorry! But I have been a tad busy/hot/tired so haven’t had the energy to film yet.

Andrew is currently on holiday, and has said that he will pop in to an Internet café or find an Internet connection somewhere else, to download the submitted videos. Once he has the videos, he’ll edit them all up into our first collab video of the year! How exciting! Andrew has told me that the editing will probably take a few days, so as soon as I hear word of it being completed I shall post it up on the blog for all of NZYT to see.

I am very excited to see this collab video come together, since it really solidifies what I’m trying to do here, which is to bring the community together! Now I know quite a lot of NZYT’ers were interested in taking part in this video, and a few missed out on roles. But not to fear! There shall be plenty more collab videos throughout the year, with some being unscripted and just based on a topic or theme – so there shall be plenty of opportunities in the future! And of course, you’ll hear it here first. So stay tuned to the blog for future collab video updates.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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