Your YouTube History

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with something that I think may interest a few of you. I was speaking in ‘The Big NZYT Chat’ on Skype with those online at that time, and we stumbled across the subject of our individual YouTube histories. What brought us to YouTube, subscriber milestones, when we found NZYT, gatherings and meet ups, time off, style changes and other such things. All of these things would be different for all of us, and I found that very interesting. So I thought, why not share it with the rest of NZYT?

I thought it’d be quite interesting for NZYT’ers to write a post, or make a video, on their YouTube history up until this point. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on YouTube, you can still talk of what brought you to YouTube, when you found NZYT, what your initial intentions were for YouTube, and other such things. I just thought this could be a really interesting feature to the blog, that will help us all understand each other more, and will also bring more NZYT-submitted content to the site, getting the community more involved in this blog.

Feel free to tell me that this a terrible idea that would be a waste of time. But it was just a thought I had, that could produce some interesting blogs/vlogs. So tell me in the comments below: Would you find other NZYT’ers ‘YouTube histories’ interesting? Would you be keen to submit one? Is it a good idea? Do you have a better idea? Feel free to tell me your opinions in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

By @RyanLamont Posted in Updates

3 comments on “Your YouTube History

  1. LOL wow i’ve missed heaps on the skype chat, still without internet at my flat…

    But what a coincidence that I just made a video about how I got into youtube.

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