1 Week Until We Face Jeopardy

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here, and I just wanted to talk about the future of this blog. It is now the last week of the summer holidays for us at high school, well for me at least. On February 1st I shall be greeted with a monsoon of essays, film projects, art boards, media studies papers, classical studies projects and more, which will put this blog in jeopardy. I will not be able to run two daily blogs for the entire year by myself. I’ve hoped I would, but have come to the realisation that I can’t. When I am greeted with the choice between writing a post, or finishing an essay for school, I will of course take the latter option. I really want this blog to be daily, since I think it is doing great things for the community, and is constantly getting viewed and discovered by new NZYT’ers everyday!

So now I really must ask for the help of the NZYT Community. I have for a long time been asking for Tips&Tricks, Guest Blogs and other such posts to be submitted by you guys, but have only received two. A guest blog from Felix (ImJustFelix), and a Tips&Tricks post from Marc (BarkMarc). I’m sure there are reasons for you all not submitting blog posts, but now I am in real need of them. I have managed to write a blog post every single day since December 5th 2010 on this blog, and an additional post every day since January 1st 2011 for my personal blog. I know you will all be greeted with huge amounts of work like I will. But you all have the luxury of saying “I don’t need to write a blog today”, whereas I am determined to make this blog daily, so have to write a blog post. So when you have a day off from University, why not write a post for the blog? When you have no projects due the next day why not write a post? On your weekend off from high school, why not write a post? When the teachers go on strike and you get a day off, why not write a post?

It can take me between 10-60 minutes to write a blog post, depending on the length, quality and topic of the post. You don’t need to spend an hour writing a post, a quick post written in 10 minutes will still be of great use to me and the community. So why not write one now? You’re spending time reading this, so why not write a wee post after this? Some of you may suffer with topics to write posts on, so here are some suggestions:


-Tips&Tricks posts are tutorials, tips or advice posts on topics that will help NZYT’ers better their skills. Whether it be topics on how to make videos (how to come up with ideas, how to compose a vlog, how to edit a  vlog, what to edit a vlog with, what lighting to use, when you should upload, how to gain confidence to vlog, how to improve, etc.) or whether it be how-tos about the process after the video is uploaded  (How to use Twitter to promote videos, how to use Facebook to promote videos, How to promote your videos, how to engage with subscribers, how to make videos that people will comment on, how to encourage people to ‘like’ videos, etc.). There are plenty of topics various NZYT’ers would love to learn more about, so if you have a little insight on some of them, then write a Tips&Tricks post! Here is an example post.


Have you found a new NZYT’er that is struggling to get views, even though they have brilliantly edited videos? Do you want to try increase a daily vloggers views by giving them a feature on the blog? Do you know a a NZYT’er who deserves more subscribers? Then write a Spotlight piece about them! All you have to do is write about that NZYT’er, what they do and why people should go and subscribe/watch. Here is an example post.

Your YouTube History

A new feature I’m hoping to bring to the blog is the “Your Youtube History” feature, in which NZYT’ers tell us of their YouTube History. You can mention things like: what brought you to YouTube, how you found the NZYT community, gatherings you’ve experienced, influential NZYT’ers/YouTubers that have affected you, Favourite videos, Subscriber milestones, NZYT-related memories (e.g. skype chats, gatherings, videos, collabs) and other things like that. I think this will help the NZYT community to come together, since we’ll be able to learn more about each other and understand each other. Also, you can do this as a written post or a video. I hope to see some YouTube histories submitted soon!

NZYT Collab videos

Have an idea for an awesome collab video? Want to involve the NZYT community in your next video project? Then write a post about it and submit it! Be sure to include specifications such as: length of video you’d like submitted, quality, perspective ratio, deadline for entries and other such necessary information. Here is an example post.

Guest Blogs

In a guest blog you can simply talk of anything NZYT-related. Have some predictions for the year? Ideas for the NZYT community? Found some information that may benefit the NZYT Community? Do you wish to write about a funny memory of “The Big NZYT Chat”? Want to write about a memory from a NZYT gathering? Or want to write about anything else NZYT-related? Then write a guest blog! Here is an example post.

Themed video posts

Have an idea for a themed video post? Some themed video posts I’ve done have included Christmas videos and New Year’s Resolution videos. If you find a group of Valentines Day themed videos from NZYT, or a bunch of Easter-themed videos for example then collect them up and make them into a wee post! I’ll usually write about the obvious ones such as Christmas and New Years. But if you find a group of videos all about NZYT’s opinions on alcohol, or a bunch of videos all about school then feel free to submit a post, since I probably wont have written about them. here’s an example post.

General Updates

Do you know a NZYT that has recently become a YouTube Partner? Why not write about and congratulate them in a General updates post? Or do you know someone who has just reached a grand subscriber milestone, 1,000 or even 10,000 subscribers perhaps? Or maybe you know of an interesting project, such as Project4Awesome, which NZYT may wish to take part in? Any of these topics would make a great general update post! Here is an example post.

Video Prompts

This is something I tried to do a while back, but it never really took off since NZYT wasn’t too connected at that point.. But perhaps as NZYT grows this will become a great addition to the blog, which NZYT’ers will actually partake in? The basic idea of video prompts is to give the entire community a video prompt, giving vloggers with no ideas an idea to work with, and NZYT’ers as a whole a great way of connecting, since people could post their videos as video responses to other NZYT’ers. Either way, I hope this will be a cool feature in the future.

So I think that is a good list of topics and ideas for you all! I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of posts from you all. now keep in mind that I schedule a lot of my posts, which means I write them and them in advance and them schedule them on WordPress to go live at a certain time on a certain day. So if you write a post now, it could go live tomorrow or two weeks from now. So try not to make your posts too time-specific since it means they’ll be easier for me to use. For example don’t say “It’s Tuesday morning and I’m…” because then it needs to go up on a Tuesday, or “It’s four days until the weekend and…” because then it needs to go live four days before the weekend.

As I’ve written this insanely long post, I’ve realised that we need a new page for the site, so today I’ve added ‘How To Submit‘ to the tabs at the top of the page, and have retired ‘Contact The Site’ since you all know how to now anyway. So in the “How To Submit’ tab you will find all of the possible blog topics stated in this post, along with formatting guidelines. So be sure to read them before you submit a post. So I think that is all for this post! I look forward to seeing some posts submitted.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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