Andrew’s Awesome Adventure

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a bit of news on one of our fellow NZYT’ers. As previously spoken of on the blog, Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) won an awesome 12-week trip around the world and today he flew out from Wellington to Auckland, ready to begin this adventure! Here is Andrew’s latest video, of him packing a few hours before he left:

So for all of you newcomers to the blog who aren’t sure of what Andrew’s been up to, let me fill you in. Andrew took part in a competition that Down Under Insurance was running on Facebook, to win an awesome adventure around the world. On this 12-week adventure, people on Facebook will vote on crazy challenges for Andrew to complete on his journey. Andrew will also be taking part in projects in developing countries with the Tear Fund. Awesome stuff! Here is a video of how he won this great adventure:

This is very exciting not only for Andrew, but for us too! Since whilst on his crazy adventure Andrew will be regularly updating us with some awesome videos, thus bringing us along for the adventure! This is such a great experience for Andrew, and I hope he has an awesome time exploring the world and helping out people with the Tear Fund, and I can’t wait for his upcoming videos!

So this is just a quick blog to try and get Andrew a few more viewers before he sets out on this wicked Adventure. I hope I can count on all of the New Zealand YouTube Community to support Andrew during his time away!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

PS. The poll for ‘NZYT’er of the week’ shall be going up tomorrow at 12:01AM. Be sure to vote!


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