How did YOU find YouTube?

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanlamont) here, with today’s wee post! I was looking through my NZYT subscriptions, like usual, and came across one of Richmond’s (rrichiee1990) videos called “How did you become addicted to YouTube?”, which got me thinking.

I thought this would be an interesting question to pose to the NZYT community. Not necessarily how you got ‘addicted’ but how did you come across that first person you subscribed to and watched regularly, and who did you discover after that? I personally found Levi Beamish (CorporalCadet) first, on the NZ YouTube homepage with his video “Dannie Girl.” and then found Dannie (ThatEnglishGirl111) through her video “A girl in Auckland” which was also featured on the New Zealand YouTube homepage. I subscribed to both channels and became a Levi Beamish fanboy for a while, before discovering the rest of the NZYT community at that time. I then picked up a camera and decided to vlog.

I remember my YouTube beginning quite vividly, still remembering the exact video titles, YouTubers and locations I found that led me to the NZYT Community. I wonder if any of my fellow NZYT’ers have such vivd recollections of their YouTube beginnings? So now I pose the question to you NZYT, how did you find the first YouTuber you regularly watched?

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont


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