Richmond’s YouTube History

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with the first YouTube History post from Richmond (rrichiee1990). In Richmond’s video he talks of how he began on YouTube and his journey that lead to him discovering what what kind of videos he liked to make, which turned out to be “whatever it is [he] feels like”. So be sure to watch this video to gain an insight into Richmond’s YouTube History, and comment on the video too!

So hopefully Richmond’s video has inspired some of you to vlog/blog about your own YouTube history. I know that some other NZYT’ers are currently working on some posts/videos for the site, which is very exciting. I’m keen to involve the community more in this blog, so I hope to see more submissions from you guys, whether it be YouTube Histories, Tips&Tricks or whatever.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont


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