How to donate to Christchurch

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with some information on how to help out those in Christchurch. I know some of you are keen to help but don’t know how, so here are some ways you can:

Video by Logan (LoganGorilla) of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake.

After times of disaster such as this, many sites pop up for donating and helping the victims. But not all of these sites are legitimate, and there are many scam artists out at work at the moment. So before you donate to a site, be sure that it is a legitimate site you’re donating to! I have been searching for ways in which we can help, and found out that yesterday the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, tweeted this:

john key tweetAnd here is the site which you can go to on Facebook to donate to Christchurch. So for all those charitable people who are keen to help those down in Christchurch, that is a great site to go through.

Here is a video from Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou) stating a few ways us that are in New Zealand can help out our fellow kiwis.

So if you’re in New Zealand and are on Vodafone, simply text ‘quake’ to 333 if you want to donate $3, or to 555 if you want to donate $5. 100% of the money goes to Christchurch – so thanks for that Vodafone NZ!

Some other sites Deborah mentioned were the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Both of which are legitimate sites and organisations that are already at work in Christchurch.

So if you know of any other ways New Zealanders or international people can help those in Christchurch then be sure to leave a link and description in the comments section below!

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NZYT’er of the week (12)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with this week’s winner of ‘NZYT’er of the week’. So this week the winner gained 7 out of the 11 votes on the poll, and is Tofu (theTofushow)! All of us that partake in ‘The Big NZYT Chat’ on Skype will surely know of Tofu by now, and those that read the blog regularly should too.

Tofu is 18-years-old and started his YouTube channel on October 5th 2010. Since then Tofu has uploaded eight vlogs, gained 1,155 total upload views and 49 subscribers. The always hat-wearing Tofu creates comedic vlogs about a variety of topics, with his latest vlog being about things that annoy him, such as sales people and YouTube thumbnails.

Tofu is also an eager and supportive member of the NZYT community, who often submits guest blogs to this site and brainstorms ideas for how to improve and strengthen the community. I think Tofu is a greta member of the NZYT community, who has the potential to become a great YouTube partner. But for that to happen he needs the support of the NZYT community! So be sure to subscribe to his channel and comment and ‘like’ his videos!

Thanks for reading and watching guys

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NZYT video of the week (12)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with this week’s NZYT video of the week. As you’ll all know, our media has been dominated by sad news from the Christchurch earthquake. But this video tries to bring a little humour back to our lives, with the return of a popular meme, which pledges help to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. I hope you all enjoy the video.

Thanks for reading and watching guys

Ryan Lamont

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Andrew’s Adventure – Lima episode

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another update on our adventurer Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs). Now I assume most of you will be following his journey around the world on his main channel, but you must also subscribe to the Duinsure channel – since this is where Andrew posts his amazing travel videos. There are 2 episodes up on the channel currently, each being beautifully crafted and filmed by Andrew. I’ve embedded the second episode below, which I hope you’ll all watch and enjoy. Andrew is currently in Uganda, but this video documents his time in the beautiful city of Lima.

The video currently only has 68 views, which is crazy since it is such a beautiful and high-quality video! So be sure to watch, comment, like and share this video. I can’t wait to see more episodes come from this channel. These videos must take a very long time to edit, which has probably caused the editing and uploading of the first NZYT collab video of the year to be put on hold. But when we receive beautiful travel videos like this, who can complain?

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont

Christchurch Earthquake

hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with an issue I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen lots about that is currently affecting our nation. The earthquake that struck Christchurch on February 22nd has been the only thing on news stations here in New Zealand, and has been on all New Zealander’s minds. In situations of distress and chaos, such as this, many people turn to social networking to document what’s going on and to try and reach out to, and find, their friends and loved ones. Reaction videos are uploaded to YouTube, showcasing the raw emotions people have felt after the earthquake, whether they were in the earthquake or not, and videos of the damaged buildings and other affected areas also dominate YouTube.

Here is a video of the destruction left after the earthquake by Dean (cactuskiwi)

I am unaware of the locations of all our NZYT’ers, but do remember that Ricky (rickyblah) was interviewed by an American news station after the earthquake that struck Canterbury last year, so checked his Twitter to see if he had Tweeted to tell us that he’s safe – and he has. In fact, Ricky is at Wellington airport, so was far away from the affected area. Also, Dean (cactuskiwi) was in the affected area and is safe thankfully. He also uploaded a video of the destruction he witnessed. I hope that all our NZYT’ers are safe and well. Also, if any of you guys have family in Christchurch I hope that they are safe and well too. I am writing this at 6:45pm on February 22nd, and new reports keep coming in saying that death tolls are expected to rise, with the death toll already at a staggering 65, a huge increase from the previously reported 17.

Here is a reaction video by our daily vlogger Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou).

So I hope that none of you guys are affected by this horrible disaster, and my heart goes out to all those that have already been affected, and may be affected in the future. I’m sure we will all soon hear of a way we can help the victims of the Christchurch earthquake, and I will make a post about it when we do.

And here is another reaction vlog, this time from Anthony (antron81)

So if any of you guys post videos about the Christchurch earthquake, be sure to send them to me at or on Twitter, whether it be the NZYTCommunity twitter or my personal twitter.

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont