The Tidal Wave of Work

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with today’s wee post. Like normal. Like it has been everyday, apart from two, so far… A blog post written by me…

So today most of the high school-aged NZYT’ers will have had their first day back at school. A day some dread and some look froward to. Personally I felt both as I walked towards the school in my new uniform, ready for my final year of school. Like expected, I instantly had work dumped on me from the film department, with the art department soon to follow. Soon Media Studies, Classical Studies and History will follow with essays to write, notes to take, books to read and other such work. Then comes the various extra things I do for school; the filming of events, ceremonies and days such as athletic and swimming sports. Then to add to that work load is my short film. Then to add to that I have my personal daily blog. Then add to that my YouTube channel, which I want to keep weekly. Then add to that this blog.

As you can see, school has completely filled every bit of spare time I have with work, so this blog is in jeopardy. I asked for blogs last week and received one. One. I know the NZYT community is small. But it is definitely bigger than one person. I’m sure you all have busy lives too, but I’m also sure that you can spare a few minutes to write a post. I can see that now I’m just coming across as a nagging fool, who seems to be speaking to no one. So I’ll stop. I wont ask for blogs anymore – I’ll just see if anyone is kind enough to send one in. Hopefully the blog with continue to run, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t.

I love writing this blog, and love that the NZYT community has been reborn because of it. So I will continue to work hard to keep the community updated on all things NZYT, and to keep this blog running. I see it is just a solo effort, so I’ll try my hardest to juggle this and everything else. I just want you guys to keep making videos, keep making collabs, keep reading and keep being apart of NZYT. Otherwise this blog will all be for nothing. I started this blog in the hope that the NZYT community may appear once again, and it has – so I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. Now we just need to maintain and grow this community. So don’t let your school work stop you from making videos and socialising with NZYT. Work hard to juggle both school and YouTube. Far too many NZYT’ers give up when school starts back again and I really hope that you guys don’t! You can do it!

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont

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