Guest Blog: Subscribers!

Hey all its Tofu here (theTofushow) with my first guest blog. I’m here to talk about something that has been interesting for me with starting my YouTube channel. I’m here to talk about subscribers.

In my little book of ideas, which sits on my sidetable, I have a rule on being a YT’er: Don’t give up; it’s not about the subscribers. But when it comes down to it really, isn’t it? As I’ve started making and developing my show, a funny thing has happened, I’ve found myself falling into to the idea that subscribers rate how good a YT’er (or by extension, a performer, comedian or director etc) I actually am. Is this the case?

The thing is, the subscriber is what differentiates YT from most other video sharing sites. It turns what is essentially a creative sharing area into something with competitive insinuation, some kind of creative massive multiplayer online game with real life goals to achieve. Take into account the most viewed page, where people can see how well they, (or their videos) are doing compared to other people around NZ, or even the world. It has become something to strive for to be the most viewed, or the most subscribed person, the prize being even more popularity and subscribers to fuel the flame. They even have a have a way to reward a popular YT’er by adding the age old merit of wealth to the fray. I am, of course, talking about the YT partnership program. By all accounts it’s absolutely genius. The amount of creativity, motivation and hard work this idea has inspired globally must truly be amazing. A single site has effectively unionized the entire planet in a game of who can get the most, and why shouldn’t they? In the end the prize they are offering is universally accepted, who wouldn’t want wealth and fame and the knowledge that something you have created is working out well?

To prove my point a quick question: how many of you started making YT videos without the knowledge that subscribers could come and rate you as a YT’er?

But then you can take into account the other side of YT, social networking. With this YT’ers can email, comment or even post their own videos in response to other YT videos. This creates an entirely online society full of creativity and support. I mean, I am writing this post on a blog entirely dedicated to the rise and fall of NZYT community. I have seen and accounted some of the tremendous support that we as a creative community have done for each other. The evidence is in the various comments, likes, blog posts etc, the list goes on.

This huge contradiction makes up the backbone of the society I find myself in. Until I have to start asking the questions: When a YT’er I have talked to gets featured, should I try to get my own show seen off theirs or should I congratulate them? When I reach out to another YT is it because I want to comment on their show or to get them to see my own? When a YT’er has more subscriptions than me even though I have made twice as many videos, should I be jealous or should I support them?

I cannot find the answers, In the end it is what a subscriber means to you and why you make videos. Recently I was amused when a fellow YT’er was scathed for calling his subscribers “fans”. But what are they really? Friends? We hardly communicate enough to be friends. Consumers? This term gives a sense of inhumanity to them.

Maybe subscribers are just people, for better or for worse, that watch do daily things and watch your videos. Personally I choose to think the latter.

But don’t get me wrong, I do like seeing that I have a new subscriber in my inbox, I am eternally grateful for each of my 39 subscribers, and yeah when I get enough I probably will apply for the YT partnership program. Hell, maybe its just me who thinks about subscribers this way. So the point of this blog? I can hardly tell other YT’ers to stop doing it for the subscribers, I mean it would be like telling someone to stop being vegetarian. I think it’s that if I ever reach the prize of popularity and wealth, or even if I don’t, I think it will be the Knowledge that I have made something for myself which is enough for me.

Thanks for reading guys.

Oh and if you liked this post why not subscribe?



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