Ryan is the man with a plan

Hello once again people of the Youtube that is in New Zealand. My name is LadiesMan69, oops I mean Marc (BarkMarc), that’s my username for something different…. and non-descript.

And I come to you today with something very special, a poem. But not just any poem, a poem about the honourable, charming, duke of England himself: Mr Ryan Lamont (TheRyanlamont).

Ryan’s name is Ryan
Because Ryan’s name isn’t Brian
He’s our mane man
Coz he’s a lion
Who lives in a temple built for the Mayans.
His name is Ryan.

Ok, now seriously, Ryan is the man behind this movement. He’s like our Martin Luther King, but not quite due to one obvious thing……  he doesn’t have a moustache. He gave birth to the new community, which has consistently been growing since. Think about it, if it weren’t for him, many of us wouldn’t know each other.He has created this positive atmosphere around NZYT once more that has lead the spike in activity over the last few months. He works his but off, juggling this blog, his own, his channel, schoolwork, scriptwriting and of course all the sexy ladies.

We owe him, so what I want everyone to do is as they are reading this go “THANKIE SPANKIE RY PY” and then hug the computer.

Thank you Ryan.

We love you like Justin Bieber loves women in their 30s.

kim-kardashian-and-justin-bieber-presidential-correspondents-dinner-black-tie copy


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