NZYT’er of the week (11)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with this week’s NZYT’er of the week! This week’s winner is Izzie (IzzieAustin), who gained a total of 5 out of 12 votes. Thanks to everyone that voted in this week’s poll!

Izzie is a sixteen-year-old from Paekakariki, who uploads covers and original songs to her YouTube channel. She made her account on September 30th 2009, and since then had gained 211 subscribers and uploaded 5 videos. Izzie has managed to collect 7,348 upload views all together, which is a great achievement considering the small amount of videos she has uploaded. And as you will all know, Izzie was this week’s NZYT video of the week here on the blog!

Izzie hasn’t uploaded a video for 2 months now, but hopefully this newfound support from the NZYT community will motivate her to start uploading more awesome covers and original songs. Izzie brings a little more musical talent to our wee NZYT community, with Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou) and Al (DeletetheDamage) also being talented musicians. Perhaps we will see some sort of musical collaboration video in the future? That would be rather awesome.

So I hope that all you awesome NZYT’ers will go and support this great kiwi musician, by subscribing to her channel, watching her videos, commenting on her videos and by writing a wee welcome message on her channel.  It’s great to discover new kiwis and to expand our tiny community – so if you ever come across an awesome NZYT’er, whether they are a vlogger, filmmaker, musician or whatever, be sure to send me a link!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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