New Design!

hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here and as you will have noticed, the NZYT Community site is rocking a new theme! I was starting to dislike the old theme, and felt that the bottom was getting too cluttered. But with this new column there is a sidebar on the right which looks much nicer. Also, the tabs that were situated above the page in the old theme are now on the left of this theme.

NZYT Community websiteAlso, at the bottom of posts you can now directly share it to Facebook – which I’m sure will come in very handy for those of you trying to gain votes via Facebook when competing for NZYT’er of the week. So I hope you all like the new design, we should be sticking with it for a while.

NZYT Community website

I’ve included some screenshots of the old NZYT Community blog theme, in case any of you guys wish to remember it. Some earlier posts now may look a tad odd in this new theme, so if you do end up venturing through the archives beware of that. But I think this new theme is a big improvement.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


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