How to donate to Christchurch

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with some information on how to help out those in Christchurch. I know some of you are keen to help but don’t know how, so here are some ways you can:

Video by Logan (LoganGorilla) of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake.

After times of disaster such as this, many sites pop up for donating and helping the victims. But not all of these sites are legitimate, and there are many scam artists out at work at the moment. So before you donate to a site, be sure that it is a legitimate site you’re donating to! I have been searching for ways in which we can help, and found out that yesterday the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, tweeted this:

john key tweetAnd here is the site which you can go to on Facebook to donate to Christchurch. So for all those charitable people who are keen to help those down in Christchurch, that is a great site to go through.

Here is a video from Deborah (LaughItsGoodForYou) stating a few ways us that are in New Zealand can help out our fellow kiwis.

So if you’re in New Zealand and are on Vodafone, simply text ‘quake’ to 333 if you want to donate $3, or to 555 if you want to donate $5. 100% of the money goes to Christchurch – so thanks for that Vodafone NZ!

Some other sites Deborah mentioned were the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Both of which are legitimate sites and organisations that are already at work in Christchurch.

So if you know of any other ways New Zealanders or international people can help those in Christchurch then be sure to leave a link and description in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont


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