It’s Already March!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with today’s post. A few months ago, on December 5th 2010 I decided to start up this wee blog, with the hope it might reignite some sort of community in NZYT. But never did I think I would make such an impact on the community. Thanks to this blog I’ve met so many new NZYT’ers and have made some great friendships. It’s great to see how far this tiny community has come, and continues to go. And look at us now, heading into our fourth month as a collective NZYT community. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been writing this blog for four months; it seems time does fly when you’re having fun (Gotta love a cheesy cliche).

As time flies, we draw ever closer to the eventual NZYT gathering that will take place at some point this year. Very little has been planned so far, since we’ve only had a community present for a few months. But in the coming months I think we’ll start to try and plan events, locations and possible dates, so we can all start to prepare for the gathering.

Exciting things are ahead this year! But as time flies by, don’t forget to upload videos! I know I got a shock the other day when I saw that I hadn’t uploaded a video for a month! Last year I took a seven month break from YouTube when school started back in February – something which I’ll try desperately not to repeat again this year. But I have noticed a few others becoming a bit slack like I, so be sure to make time for video-making in your busy schedules guys!

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

By @RyanLamont Posted in Updates

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