Do You Even Care?

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with today’s short post. I am extremely busy at the moment doing film work for a school event and find it hard to squeeze in time to write posts for this ol’ thing. But I like writing the posts and keeping this blog daily. But does anyone actually care about this blog?

I generally get 40-70 views a day on the blog, so people are visiting the site. But there’s no comments, very few ‘likes’ and people only submit things once I’ve begged for them. So do you guys really care about this blog? I want to know if it’s actually worthwhile for me to keep this blog going or not.

I started this blog hoping to resurrect the NZYT Community, and I have. We now have an established ‘community’ that regularly talks together and has collaborated and worked together on various projects. So I suppose the blog has achieved its purpose. But I think it could do so much more. We could have more collab videos, themed videos, interviews with NZYT’ers, gatherings and more! But you guys give me very little feedback so I don’t know if you share the same vision as I do, so if you do, speak up now.

Thanks for reading guys.

Ryan Lamont


7 comments on “Do You Even Care?

  1. I don’t think you really need a blog to meet the goals you have. As long as you are connecting with people through youtube, that’s all that matters.

  2. This blog is like a daily internet NZYT based magazine, and does a magazine stop publishing if it doesn’t get content? Of course not. I think YOU need find a reason for you to keep on making the blog, because in the end thats who will be doing the work.

  3. I love that this is a daily blog, and I truly appreciate that you post daily. It’s been one of the only ways I’ve been able to see what’s up within our little community the past few weeks. I’m hoping to start uploading again this coming week, and hopefully I’ll also figure out a way to contribute to this blog more regularly…possibly in blog-form, rather than the odd comment here and there.

    We need people like you to keep nudging lazy ones like me haha.

  4. I check the posts every other day to see if anything of interest or new has happened. You are doing a great job and as was said just do the best you can. I will see if I can send in a guest post sometime to help out.

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