The Black Plague hits NZYT!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here. You may remember the Rebecca Black post I made a few days ago, and the kiwi connection of Auckland being in the video. Well now that kiwi connection has become even stronger than before. I assume that you are all aware of the term “Bieber Fever” which is what Justin Bieber’s fans supposedly suffer from, with the term also being used to describe Bieber’s sudden domination of the media. Well now we have “The Black Plague”. That’s right, now that Rebecca Black has gone viral she gets her own disease to describe her sudden domination of the media – congrats Rebecca!

So now that we know what the “Black Plague” is, we can talk about how it has affected NZYT. South Island singer Cody (Davanti) recently made a piano cover of this insanely catchy song.

Also, Matt (MattMulholland26) did a very different cover of miss Black’s song, instead of making it “Fun fun fun” he took it to the dark side – with a very interesting result.

So as you can see, the black plague is slowly spreading through our musically-talented NZYT community. I wonder who will be its next victim, and how they’ll interpret this catchy song.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont


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