I failed.

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here, and as a few of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a blog since March 23rd. I have failed my goal of posting everyday on this blog, but it doesn’t feel like a failure. I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with this blog, which was to rectify the NZYT community, and when I stopped posting it was a relief. There wasn’t this constant “Oh I have to write a blog today” and “I don’t know what to write”, I was free. Some people have said previously that we don’t need a blog to keep the NZYT running, or that the blog doesn’t have to be daily, and I agree. A daily blog about such a tiny community is very hard to run, whereas a daily blog for say the Canadian YouTube community would be quite easy. Quite simply, not much goes on in NZYT, not enough to write daily about it. But this isn’t the end of the blog.

I plan to write posts on this blog still, but only when there is something to write about. A lot of my posts have very little substance, since I have very little to write about, so a blog with regular posts and more substance is a better idea I think. This blog isn’t necessary to keep NZYT running, videos and communication are needed for that. But I do believe that this blog can be very helpful for certain things for the community, such as gatherings. So this blog will stay around.

As always, I welcome guest blogs to be sent to me. Guest blogs provide a little variation in the style and topics covered on this blog, and it also helps promote yourself within the community. Also, those of you who are knowledgeable on various aspects of video-making could write really helpful Tips&Tricks posts, that would really benefit the community.

So be sure to check back regularly for posts. I will tweet them when I post them, so be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with NZYT. I will also put them in the Big NZYT Chat on Skype too.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont



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