Another NZYT’er Connects!

hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a post on a new NZYT’er! It’s funny how NZYT’ers can coexist on the same platform, yet find weeks, months or even years to find each other. But today another NZYT’er made the transition from solo vlogger, to being apart of the community! George (shelobg) connected with Amber (TheLoyalBadger) today before emailing me, and he has now been welcomed into the NZYT community! It’s always great to have more NZYT’ers join our wee community, so be sure to direct any kiwi video makers towards this blog so that they can immerse themselves in the totally awesome NZYT community!

So now for a wee bit of information on George. He’s from the lovely Takaka and is 17 years old. He has English parents, which have given him his English accent, and he uploads regularly to YouTube. He recently finished a series he called ‘The Beach House Chronicles’ and has a new video out about a wee story from work. I hope you all go support this new NZYT’er and welcome him into this wee community

Thansk for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont


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