Andrew Cuts The Red Tape On Vlogstory!

Hey YouTubers, I hope this post finds you guys well.

I’m (Strugsnotdrugs) pretty stoked to have the opportunity to write for the NZYT Community page, and I look forward to doing so more in the future. Ryan (TheRyanLamont) says the floor is open to a variety of posts, so feel free to voice something you want to say about YouTube, and the community!

Some of you may be aware of my past interactions with the YouTube community. I started out on the channel aspiringphotographer, but was shooting myself terribly in the foot with all my usage of copyrighted music. Not only were my videos being muted and adverts appearing all over my channel, but I was no longer eligible to apply for YouTuber partnership short term. Bummer!

So in May 2009, Strugsnotdrugs was initiated to bring totally copyright-free videos for YouTube. Then in June the collaboration channel vlogstory was born, auditioning for additional three vloggers to join their channel. This caused an enormous influx of interest, mostly in the States. Ben and I, with our crazy Britt and Kiwi accents, were picked alongside Washintonian, Lucy, to make the team complete.

The six of us from around the globe completed all sorts of challenges together, created talking points, guest openings and made new connections – in many ways like vlogcandy. In fact, I even flew to visit two of the VlogStory crew in California in April 2010, last year.

Unfortunately, VlogStory became a big scary animal that took too much work to maintain and ultimately collapsed on itself in September 2009.

I’m glad to say, however, that the remaining Storytellers want to bring back VlogStory’s lovechild to be bigger and brighter than ever. Jen (childcontent), and Jennie (technicolorjennie) live in California. I live in Wellington, NZ. The vast time and space difference between us makes for some interesting challenges when planning our weekly vlogs together, but we’re pressing on to bring you Monday, Wednesday and Friday entertainment. The first Sunday of every month is when a special guest vlogger is invited to share their bit of craziness on the channel.

All in all, we’re extremely excited to bring you a bit of what we love: the chance to encourage genuine, engaging YouTube creativity, and the opportunity for you to get involved and join in the fun. Video responses and Facebook integration is a big part of our goal to keep VlogStory an interactive global video community. Our current viewer base is primarily in the USA and UK.

Who knows? What if we, together, can continue launching this reborn movement to become another successful collaboration that shows some kiwi flavour and NZYT to the world? Your engagement with our crazy fresh new start is invaluable.






There’s a little joke that floats around here:

“VlogStory. The place for sports… but not really.”


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