3 Years 2 Boys

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with news on two NZYT’ers today! Corey (StoryCorey) and myself have been on the ol’ YouTube for 3 years now, so I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate this wee milestone.

-The last video I posted to TheNewZelandishBrit channel-

On July 11th 2008, I started my first YouTube channel, TheNewZealandishBrit, and uploaded my first vlog on August 13th 2008 (although it is now privated). I gained 100 subscribers in a week and then continued to make videos on the channel for a year or so until I made my current channel, TheRyanLamont, on November 4th 2009.

-first video I posted to TheRyanLamont channel-

Then on July 16th 2008, Corey made the StoryCorey channel, and he’s privated or deleted all of his old vlogs and such, so this video remains his oldest. Over the 3 years Corey has stuck to this channel and has gained a huge audience of 5,564 subscribers!

-The latest video posted to the StoryCorey channel-

So that’s all for this post! Just a wee congrats to Corey and I for sticking around on the tube for 3 years! I hope to do a few more of these posts in the future as I hear about other people’s YouTube anniversaries!

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont 


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