Official Capital Meet Up


On December 1st 2013 Smay (SmayJay) organised the first YouTube meet up in 2 years! The original idea for the meet up was for it to be a summer picnic, with NZYT’ers bringing food to share, to be held at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. But due to weather conditions, it was moved to an indoor venue – The Museum Building at Massey University. This was a great space, which gave creators to ability to film collabs without Wellington’s infamous wind attacking the audio. There were about 25-30 people who attended the event, and the day consisted of a brief intro circle, enjoying the food brought by everyone and then a Q&A session, during which YouTubers spoke about the new G+ integration, collab videos, how dislikes effect you, the benefits of commenting, joining networks and more! It was a great day, so big thank you to Smay for organising the event [And for creating the awesome banner]!


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