NZYT Collab update – All the clips are in!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a wee update on the first NZYT collab of the year. Now as you may remember, the deadline for entries to be sent in by was January 19th, but a few of us were a tad late at getting them in. Namely me, since I only sent a link to my uploaded video the other day. Sorry about that guys! But now all the clips from everyone are finally in! Hurray!

Now don’t expect the video too soon, since Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) is currently on his awesome adventure, and enjoying that experience is of course the priority. I emailed Andrew the other day and he said that he would be working on a travel vlog soon, which is awesome. So I assume the NZYT collab will be edited sometime after that. So as soon as I hear word of the collab video being uploaded I’ll post it up here on the site for you all to see.

Thanks to all the eager NZYT’ers who participated in this collab. It’s really great seeing the NZYT community coming together and collaborating. I look forward to seeing the final version of this collab video, and look forward to the prospect of future collab videos.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont


Collab Video Update

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with a wee post on the NZYT collaboration video! Now from what I’ve heard from NZYT’ers on Twitter and Skype, it seems that nearly everyone has submitted their video URL to Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs), ready to be edited. The only people I’m unsure of are Richmond (rrichiee1990) and Al (DeleteTheDamage) – everyone else has uploaded and forwarded their link. I am planning to film my part today. It’s late I know, I’m sorry! But I have been a tad busy/hot/tired so haven’t had the energy to film yet.

Andrew is currently on holiday, and has said that he will pop in to an Internet café or find an Internet connection somewhere else, to download the submitted videos. Once he has the videos, he’ll edit them all up into our first collab video of the year! How exciting! Andrew has told me that the editing will probably take a few days, so as soon as I hear word of it being completed I shall post it up on the blog for all of NZYT to see.

I am very excited to see this collab video come together, since it really solidifies what I’m trying to do here, which is to bring the community together! Now I know quite a lot of NZYT’ers were interested in taking part in this video, and a few missed out on roles. But not to fear! There shall be plenty more collab videos throughout the year, with some being unscripted and just based on a topic or theme – so there shall be plenty of opportunities in the future! And of course, you’ll hear it here first. So stay tuned to the blog for future collab video updates.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

Collab video script!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with the long awaited collab video script! Now this collaboration video has limited parts and two have already been snatched up by myself and Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs), who is orchestrating this collab video, so be quick to stake your claim to parts in the comment section below! I am currently away on holiday, so if you have any questions please contact Andrew on Twitter, YouTube or Skype (Andrew’s Skype = frog_freak90) since he is running this wee project. So first some requirements set by Andrew:

I would also ask that the videos are:

– widescreen (HD preferably, but not imperative)
– editable (I mean, there is some video to play with to make the edits cut together well)
– upload only one whole video with all of your video segments to YouTube, as an unlisted video

So, here is a wee draft of the proposed video, be sure to watch it all and listen to Andrew’s advice at the end:

So, once you’ve found the character you want to be (and have stated it on the blog and/or video) then  read through the script, collect you lines and go film! Once you’ve filmed it all then edit your parts together with heads&tails (bits at the beginning and end of your footage so Andrew can edit it together nicely) and upload it to youtube as an ‘unlisted’ video. Then send that link to Andrew at and he will collect all the videos and edit it together! Now the deadline for video submissions is the 17th of January! So you have quite a bit of time to get it all filmed and put together, so have fun with it guys!


Char A

Char B

Char C – Ryan

Char D

Char E

Char F – Andrew

Char G

Char H

Here is the full script:

“Hey YouTube… so I just wanted to talk to you about… WOAAhh!”

(Character falls through the floor)

“Ow! What the hell… …what is this place”


CharB: “Blah Blah Blah.. Woah!”

(Character A looks around for the sound)

CharB: “OW!”

CharA: “Hello? Who’s there!”

CharB: “What the… hello?”

CharA: “Yes, hello! WHO’S THERE?”

CharB: “It’s __(YouTube Channel)__ Who are YOU?”

CharA: “__(YouTube Channel)__ – I was just making a YouTube video, then this happened… ow…” (rubs head).

CharC: “I was just making a video too…”

CharB: “__(YouTube name)__?”

CharC: “I’ve been here for two days…”

CharA: “WHAT?!?!?! Oh My Goodness, this can’t be happening… (hyperventilates) No no, no no no etc…”

CharD: “It’s not that bad… It’s just the place to be sometimes…”

CharE: “I come here to think from time to time. It gives me inspiration…”

CharB: “This place gives me the creeps… What is all this stuff – why is it here?”

CharD: “What does it look like?”

CharB: “It’s like.. all…. _____ ‘n stuff”

CharE: “That’s your imagination stuff”

CharA: “Who cares – this isn’t any use – it’s just useless.” (Oh!)

CharC: “It’s not useless at all – it’s… it’s… the start of inspiration! (far off look)”

CharF: “Bahahaha”

CharG: “Shhh!!”

CharA: “Omigosh who was that…”

CharaF: “It’s just me. This is a pretty sweet place – like you can dream up all sorts of stuff here.”

CharB: “Like what…”

CharG: “Liiiiike…. retro fish..” (blows fish)

CharF: “Or flying monkeys throwing bombs…”

CharH: “Hee Hee Hee”

CharF: “… Oh.. No…”

CharA: “What… What’s ‘Oh No’..?”

CharH: (waves a poo into being) (blows it along)

CharE: (watches poo come floating along) “POO! __(YouTube name”CharH”)__!!!” (waves poo along)

CharB: “I think I’m getting the hang of this…” “POO!” (flying monkey explodes poo)

CharA: “Who are you all – and where are you all from?”

CharC: “This is the community – we gather here for inspiration – we reap and sow ideas and thoughts here.”

CharB: “How did you discover this place?”

CharC: “We… just… kinda….”

CharD: “..we fell in – just like you!”

CharF: “The community has gathered it’s forces – and just… became”

CharB: “What do you mean – ‘it just became’ – wh..w… this is ridiculous – how am I even taking to you in ‘the community”

CharF: “Whether you like it or not __(YouTube name)__… we’re connected to each other… (big eyes)”

CharB: “Oh..kay….”

CharA: “So what now – we can come here to think… come here to talk… but what becomes of all this. I still don’t know what I’m getting out of this…”

CharH: “When you were making your video just earlier – you were connecting with… the people of New Zealand…”

CharA: “…aaand?”

CharH: “…aand the community wants to be a part of what you’re up to.”


CharH: “I didn’t bring you into this…”

CharD: “The community did…”

CharA: “Oh great… so the community wants to connect with me – why is it so interested in me?”

CharD: “… Are you kiwi?”

CharB: “… Of course she’s kiwi – we all are!”

CharD: “… Do you make YouTube videos?”

CharA: “..Yah?”

CharD: “Then that is why you are here – the community needs you… (and your thoughts)”

CharC: “We’re connected, and this is where we bounce ideas off each other. Some of us have been here for ages, and some of us – like you, are just beginning…”

CharA: “… sweet. So all this… is my inspiration…”

CharH: “You’ve just got to work with what you’ve got – and make it fun. And if you’re stuck…”

CharC: “Like me… you can bounce ideas off each other here in the community”

CharB: “Cool…”

CharA: “I have an idea!”

CharB: “What…”

(CharA stand up and assumes their place infront of the computer)

CharB: “__(YouTube Channel)CharA__?”

CharA: “Hello YouTube – I’ve just discovered something…”

CharB: “a re-emerged and re-energised…”

CharC: “New Zealand YouTube community.”

CharD: “It’s a place where Kiwi YouTubers…”

CharE: “Like you and me..”

CharF: “Can come together and share ideas.”

CharG: “If you’re interested in YouTubing,”

CharH: “Then now is the time to get involved. Visit and check out what’s happening amongst New Zealand YouTubers”


Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont

Skype conference recap

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here, and I just wanted to discuss about the wee skype conference that occurred yesterday. Thanks to all of you that turned up! It was a really great call and was nice to start communicating and deciding things as a community. As all of you that were in the call/chat yesterday know that Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs) will be orchestrating this collaboration video and is currently working on the storyline of the video. Andrew will spend the next few days writing a script up, which he will then email to me for me to post on the blog.

At the moment we’ve heard that a portable camera may be needed, since Andrew may do something with blank walls during the video; and that the video will be shot in widescreen with each NZYT’er shooting in the highest possible quality they can. Once each participant has filmed their video it will be edited and uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video – with the link then being sent to Andrew, who will then get all the videos off of the site and edit the video together. The video will then be posted to his YouTube channel.

At this stage various things may change as the script is still in the works, but that is what we learnt in the skype call/chat yesterday. There’s also a second collab video in the works, with the topic being the advert NZYT hates. That’ll also be orchestrated by ANdrew at some point in the future. So stay tuned to the blog for we shall be hearing more of this first collaboration in the following days.

On skype now we now have ‘The Big NZYT Chat’ – which NZYT’ers are constantly being added to and dropping out of and such. It’s the giant convo in which any NZYT’er can be added to discuss a variety of things. I hope you’ll all enjoy using it. It should be a good way to reconnect the NZYT community.

So that’s all for this post! Be sure to check back soon for more info on the collaboration video, and other NZYT projects.

Thanks for reading guys!

Ryan Lamont

Skype Conference

Hey guys Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with another wee post. I hope you’ve all checked out the new pages at the top of the page. I find my favourite to be the ‘Gatherings info’ page since it houses a NZYT Gatherings archive, which I find really interesting. It has the date, location, organiser and videos from the various gatherings over the years. It also has the beginnings of information on the 2011 gathering! Exciting and interesting stuff!

But what I wanted to talk about today is something equally as exciting. The first NZYT collaboration video for over a year (I think)! It will be uploaded during the first week of the New Year I believe and will be orchestrated by Andrew (Strugsnotdrugs). I’ve spoken to Andrew about the collaboration, and there are still quite a lot of details to be figured out yet, so we shall have a conference!

A Skype conference in which we will all discuss our ideas on this collaboration. The skype conference will be held at 7pm onwards today. I will create a giant group chat of all the NZYT’ers I have on skype and the conversation topic will be the collab video and its content, along with when it will be uploaded and deadlines to get videos in. If you want to be in the skype chat then simply have someone who is in the chat to add you, or add me on skype (username = thenewzealandishbrit) and I will add you. This chat will be open to all NZYT’ers.

Once the details have been planned out I will write a post up with everything you need to know about the collab video. So even if you do not attend the skype conference you will still be able to find out all the necessary information so you can take part!

This is very exciting stuff, planning NZYT’s first collab of the New Year, so I hope all of you that can attend will do so. This could be the start of a future of skype conferences to organise and plan various things in the NZYT Community, such as gatherings, future collab videos and other such community-related projects. I know Andrew has another collab video idea already in the works, so this is exciting stuff! Let’s bring the community together again and colloborate on a series of awesome videos in the future!

Thanks for reading guys

Ryan Lamont