The #NZYTgathering Begins!

Designed by @Smayjay

Designed by @Smayjay

From 11am until 4pm today, the #NZYTgathering will be taking place in ASB’s Cube Theatre. Over 80 New Zealand YouTubers are expected to descend on the ASB North Wharf to attend the New Zealand YouTube gathering. The event has been organsied by veteran YouTuber Tenani, and will be the first NZ YouTube gathering in Auckland in over 2 years!

For live updates on the gathering be sure to check the #NZYT and #NZYTgathering hashtag on Twitter, also keep an eye on @Tenani and @RyanLamont‘s Twitter feeds, who I am sure will be live-tweeting the event. Expect a review on the gathering to appear on the site in the coming days!


NZYT Prepares for 2014

January is the month of resolutions and goal setting, the month in which we all try to better ourselves. Promises of “regular videos” and “better videos” are sure to be uttered during this month’s video selection, along with some large figure subscriber milestones. Here is a selection of New Zealand YouTube goals & resolutions videos, be sure to check them out and help them towards their goals this year!

Kieran Wright

Ryan Lamont

Chase Vs Everything

The Black Plague hits NZYT!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here. You may remember the Rebecca Black post I made a few days ago, and the kiwi connection of Auckland being in the video. Well now that kiwi connection has become even stronger than before. I assume that you are all aware of the term “Bieber Fever” which is what Justin Bieber’s fans supposedly suffer from, with the term also being used to describe Bieber’s sudden domination of the media. Well now we have “The Black Plague”. That’s right, now that Rebecca Black has gone viral she gets her own disease to describe her sudden domination of the media – congrats Rebecca!

So now that we know what the “Black Plague” is, we can talk about how it has affected NZYT. South Island singer Cody (Davanti) recently made a piano cover of this insanely catchy song.

Also, Matt (MattMulholland26) did a very different cover of miss Black’s song, instead of making it “Fun fun fun” he took it to the dark side – with a very interesting result.

So as you can see, the black plague is slowly spreading through our musically-talented NZYT community. I wonder who will be its next victim, and how they’ll interpret this catchy song.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont

NZYT’er of the Week (13)

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with this week’s NZYT’er of the week, which happens to be the thirteenth week of this segment! So when I checked after a day of voting James (Jameseywebshow) was winning, then when I checked last night Marc (BarkMarc) was winning, and as I check again now James is winning yet again. The poll ends after one day of voting (even though it lets you continue to vote after that) so James is this week’s winner. Congrats James!

It’s great to see another new NZYT’er win this title. I hope this win will motivate James to continue to make snazzy vlogs and to get more involved in the continuously -growing NZYT community. Since if NZYT is ever going to dominate its own homepage, we all need to help each other out!

James is a 15-year-old who makes webshows in the ‘Comedy’ category of YouTube. His webshows contain elements of both vlogging and skits – with his parents often helping him make his videos by appearing in them. We do not currently have anyone rocking this kind of ‘webshow’ style, so it’s great to see another style of video-maker join the NZYT community. James has made sixteen videos since April 18th 2010, and has gained 214 subscribers.

James is certainly an entertaining video-maker, and I hope that now he has been introduced to the NZYT community, he will start to support his fellow kiwis by subscribing, commenting and liking their videos. I also hope that all the NZYT’er reading this blog will go and support James by subscribing and such. We are a small community, and none of us have the ability to dominate the New Zealand homepage as of yet. But if we all help each other out by subscribing, liking, commenting, promoting and collabing we’re sure to boost each other’s subscriber and view counts up, allowing us to dominate the NZYT homepage.

So this is just a short post on one of our up and coming kiwi video makers, who I hope you’ll all support. I’ve embedded a few of his videos in this post, which I hope you’ll all watch and enjoy! Hopefully we’ll be seeing James in the Big NZYT Chat on Skype sometime soon? It seems Skype is really helping bring our tiny community together, so it’d be great to bring more NZYT’ers into the chat.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!

Ryan Lamont

Vote for NZYT’er of the week!

Hey guys, Ryan (TheRyanLamont) here with the nominees for this week’s NZYT’er of the week – which is our twelfth consecutive week of this segment. So the nominees for this week are: Tofu (theTofushow), Aiden (aidopotato24), Rache (WizardNeedsFoodBadly) and Asad (tiktoxic). There are a few new names in this bunch, so be sure to check out everyone’s channels before you vote!

Thanks for reading and voting guys!

Ryan Lamont