NZ YouTube @ the Melbourne Gathering!

This past week the ‘Expload’ YouTube event was planned – It was to involve performances by musicians, meet & greets with well-known YouTubers and more! Unfortunately the event had to be postponed, but is being rescheduled for some time later in the year. In its place there was an old-school YouTube gathering, where YouTubers from all over Australia met up in Melbourne’s Federation Square to hang out, film & take selfies!

The gathering had YouTubers travel from all over Australia to attend, and even a few New Zealanders were in attendance! Katie (ThatKatieProject), Jase (TheFaceofJ), Jody (galaxydreaming) and myself (TheRyanLamont) all had a great time at the gathering, mingling with the Australian YouTube community. We all noted how large the event was, especially in comparison to New Zealand’s YouTube gatherings. At least a few hundred people came to this event, mainly due to the presence of British YouTuber FunForLouis

Katie & Jody lined up to meet Louis, and each had a little conversation with him. It’s great being able to speak to YouTubers such as Louis, since they can really give you some good advice for your own YouTube journey. I know I personally learnt a lot from the Australian YouTubers I spoke with on the day. The event was a great chance to converse with fellow YouTubers, plan some collabs, finally meet friends formed on YouTube and meet new creators on the day too.

Be sure to check out Jody, Katie and I’s videos from the day, so you can live vicariously through our experiences, and perhaps when Expload gets a new date we’ll see more New Zealand YouTubers heading to Aussie.

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