Relive the #NZYTgathering

It’s been a month since Auckland’s NZYT Gathering, organised by Tenani (Nanisnap) and attended by over 50 people, so I thought it’d be great to take a look back and watch some of the videos from the event. There’s a whole bunch here, have you seen them all?

It’s so cool to see how each person took away something different from the even. There’s a nice variety of daily vlog-styled videos mixed with some more ‘artsy’ depictions of the day, and some encompass the weekend as a whole! Hope you enjoy watching these videos and reminiscing about the #NZYTgathering – The next gathering should be happening in the second half of the year, so stay tuned to the Facebook Page and Twitter for more info as it comes.


The #NZYTgathering Begins!

Designed by @Smayjay

Designed by @Smayjay

From 11am until 4pm today, the #NZYTgathering will be taking place in ASB’s Cube Theatre. Over 80 New Zealand YouTubers are expected to descend on the ASB North Wharf to attend the New Zealand YouTube gathering. The event has been organsied by veteran YouTuber Tenani, and will be the first NZ YouTube gathering in Auckland in over 2 years!

For live updates on the gathering be sure to check the #NZYT and #NZYTgathering hashtag on Twitter, also keep an eye on @Tenani and @RyanLamont‘s Twitter feeds, who I am sure will be live-tweeting the event. Expect a review on the gathering to appear on the site in the coming days!

Official Capital Meet Up


On December 1st 2013 Smay (SmayJay) organised the first YouTube meet up in 2 years! The original idea for the meet up was for it to be a summer picnic, with NZYT’ers bringing food to share, to be held at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. But due to weather conditions, it was moved to an indoor venue – The Museum Building at Massey University. This was a great space, which gave creators to ability to film collabs without Wellington’s infamous wind attacking the audio. There were about 25-30 people who attended the event, and the day consisted of a brief intro circle, enjoying the food brought by everyone and then a Q&A session, during which YouTubers spoke about the new G+ integration, collab videos, how dislikes effect you, the benefits of commenting, joining networks and more! It was a great day, so big thank you to Smay for organising the event [And for creating the awesome banner]!