Gathering Archives

First ever NZYT Gathering:

The first ever NZYT Gathering was held on January 19th 2008 in Wellington, and started at Te Papa and slowly moved around Wellington and ended at the beehive. It was organised by Philip (Philipnewmannz). Here is Philip’s video of the first NZYT gathering:

2008 NZYT Gathering :

The 2008 Gathering was held on October 18th 2008 in Auckland, and started at the Briotmart transport station and slowly moved down Queen’s street to Skycity. It was organised by Philip (philipnewmannz). Here is my (TheRyanLamont) video on the 2008 gathering and Holly’s (fantabulous123) video :

2009 NZYT Gathering:

The 2009 NZYT Gathering was held on July 11th 2009 in Auckland for the second year, and started with a brief meet-up at Britomart transport station before the gathering moved over to the vodafone HQ. It was organised by Jess (Jessums31) and Tenani (Nanisnap). Here is Rosina’s (HeartlessArchAngel69) video from the day.

2010 NZYT Gathering:

The 2010 NZYT Gathering was held on October 15th 2010 in Auckland for the third year, and was situated at the vodafone HQ for the second year. It was organised by Philip (Philipnewmannz). Here is Philip’s live-upload from the 2010 NZYT Gathering:

2013 NZYT Gathering:

A Meet Up was organised by Smay (SmayJay) in Wellington for December 1st. It was a great success, being the first meet up in 2 years, with about 25-30 people showing up to the event. There were some brief introductions, food brought by NZYT’ers to be enjoyed by everyone and then there was a Q&A session, during which YouTubers spoke about likes/dislikes, how they come up with ideas, engaging with their audience and more. Here is Smay’s Vlogmas video from the event and Jason’s (TheFaceOfJ) daily vlog [Full article here]:

2014 NZYT Gathering:

This year Tenani (Nanisnap) organised the NZYT gathering, which took take place on January 19th in Auckland. It was the first gathering in Auckland since 2010 and followed the previous month’s successful Wellington Meet Up. About 50-60 people attended the event, with TV3 News also coming to cover the event. With no scheduled talks or Q&As, this event was more of a mix & mingle. Here is Britney’s (britneyofLAH) video of the event, along with Katy & Em’s (katyandem) fun winking collab from the day! [Full article here]:


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